And in the Second Round…

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Jake Stinnett



This came as a bit of surprise but I think I get the pick and it bleeds into what I think the Cubs strategy is this year: They are drafting players who can help sooner, rather than later. This moves up the timetable on the rebuild a little sooner.

Here is what I know on Stinnett:
He really has only been focusing solely on pitching the last two years. So, he has a young arm. He has two plus pitches – a mid 90s fastball and a wicked slider. He still needs to develop a third as a starter. He is 6’4″ and 205 pounds which is a nice size. A former third baseman, Stinnett was rated by many, including Jonathon Mayo and Jim Callis, as the top college senior pitcher. He was ranked in the 70s on most lists. He had previously been drafted in the 29th round by the Pirates last year but returned to the University of Maryland. He is 22. This year he struck out 130 and walked only 27 in 112 innings over 15 starts!

This weekend, he faces Virginia in the super-regional. I guess we will get a closer look then.


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