Draft Preview: Cubs Hurry Up and Wait

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Could Nick Gordon be a Cub in less than five hours?

With less than five hours until the draft starts, the name I keep hearing that the Cubs will select is SS Nick Gordon. However, a lot can change in four hours. The Cubs board has to shake down like this:

1. Aiken

2. Rodon

3. Jackson

4. Gordon

Rumor now has it that Marlins ownership wants Rodon instead of Jackson. If Jackson is available at four, the Cubs have a tough choice to make. Gordon is clearly the better athlete. However, in an era where power is a premium, it is hard to pass that up. If Jackson is there, Theo takes him. A lot of boards have the Cubs taking Tyler Kolek. From what I have heard the Cubs are not impressed. He would take a lot of development time to get that mess of an arm tamed.

Underslot Deals

The Cubs could go to an underslot deal for several players including Michale Conforto (a nice lefty power bat), Aaron Nola ( a steady 3-4 type starter), Kyle Schwarber (would be a great DH if the NL gets it), and my favorite Sean Newcomb (a big, strong lefty starter – likely a 2-3). However, I think the key pick will be the second round pick. Will it be Jacob Bukaskas, a very wild flame thrower, or Jakson Reetz who has a great game and plays a premium position in Catcher. I don’t think my top pick in all of the draft, Michael Kopech, will be around in the second for the Cubs to pick him.

It should be a fun evening.


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