Surprise!!! Kyle Schwarber It Is

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Kyle Schwarber

Kyle Schwarber can hit! He has a big bat, and in a draft void of power bats, his stands out.  The problem is where he will play. In college, Schwarber played catcher and outfield. However, as a pro, he projects better as an outfielder because of his bat. At 6′ and 240 lbs, he has a strong arm and will likely go to left field.

I like the pick for these reasons:
1. He can hit
2. He hits left-handed
3. He hits for power
4. He had more walks than Ks in college
5. He hits for power
6. He hits left-handed

The only downside could be his fielding. It is not as if he has never played in the outfield and he has. Cubs Scouting Director Jason MacLeod said that Schwarber was #2 on their board out of all the players.

When thinking of where he lands as a hitter, I think he is comparable to Vogelbach, but I think he might also be a better athlete and have more power of which Vogelbach has shown little at Daytona. I think Schwarber probably slides in at 6 or 7 on the Cubs prospect list somewhere after Soler and somewhere before Alcantara.

Did I mention he can hit and hit left-handed for power?


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