The Schwarber Sublimation: It’s Our Fault

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schwarbs debutAdmit it, after three games you are hooked. That 6 for 8 at the plate, the HR, the triple, it is all very comforting to see that bat in the middle of the lineup. That short, powerful left handed stroke driving in Castro, and Coghlan, and Miggy every night of the week. It is almost sexy…no, wait, it is sexy, to dream of watching that every game, night after night, for season after season.

When he does go down, we will curse Theo and Jed, even though they told us he was going to Iowa. We will curse them knowing what Schwarber brings. We will miss his bat, his one inning behind the plate, but mostly, the bat. We will miss the sound with which he smashes the ball. We will miss him knowing that he will be back soon.

It’s heartbreaking to know it’s all going to end in three days. The dream will be unfulfilled. He will go down to Des Moines and work on his skills crouching behind the plate. He will work on framing pitches, throwing behind runners, throwing out runners, and getting rid of the ball quicker. Will he get some time in left field on his days off from behind the plate in Des Moines so that there is a place for him? We will just have to wait and see. When he is ready, he will return to us; So it has been spoken.

In the end, we should really blame ourselves. That’s right, us. We fell in love too quickly. Can you blame our desire to hope this year? Who knew things would come together so quickly? Who knew that the Cubs would have a winning record and be in control of one of the two wild cards two-thirds the way through June?

SCHWARBER 85First, Bryant stoked the flame with his all-around hustle to go with his bat and sparkly eyes. Then Russell was just as dreamy with his great range and short stroke and his boyish smile. For Schwarber, he looked like he just got done bailing some hay and chopping some wood and is ready to take some hacks at some balls to relieve some stress with a glass of lemonade on the side. We were vulnerable to him. We couldn’t help but fall for him and his clobbering ways. Did he take advantage of us in a weak moment…when we were hoping for one more player to put us over the edge? Yes, yes he did.

We need only look in the mirror for this one, folks. We wanted to believe, we really did. We didn’t listen to Theo and Jed to not get our hopes up. But we did. They told us not to, but we did. Shame on us.

And heartbreak will be a shallow feeling Monday when he is on his way down to Iowa. Still, we will hope and wait for his return. Maybe that’s what Theo and Jed wanted. They gave us a cookie, but we finally envisioned the whole meal for the first time. And, it looked good. And Schwarber, along with a healthy Soler, will be the full meal.

I can still see the #12 when I close my eyes…two months until he returns…two months.


One thought on “The Schwarber Sublimation: It’s Our Fault

    Gary said:
    June 19, 2015 at 2:06 pm

    Why don’t they put Schwarber in left field for the rest of the year, and work on improving his catching skills in the Arizona Fall League in the off season? We certainly won’t miss the great Chris Coghlan’s bat in the lineup!


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