Promotion Commotion: Part 1

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With all the recent draftees signing, it wasn’t going to be long before places were made for them.

It began earlier in the week in Arizona. To make room for Sutton Whiting, Alex Bautista, Marcus Masrobuoni, and Ian Rice, the Cubs cut five players: 1B Roney Alcala, OF Jenner Emeterio, OF Calvin Graves, IF-OF Danny Gutierrez, and C-1B Miguel Rico.

Luckily in assembling Eugene’s roster, the Cubs left some spaces empty. This week saw Donnie Dewees, Blake Headley, Matt Rose, and Vimael Machin arrive.

Then everything broke loose last night with a simple tweet.

This was the second time that a promotion was announced by a player this summer. Earlier this month Dan Vogelbach announced Kyle Schwarber’s rise to the bigs.

Nonetheless, the clubs involved didn’t announce the moves until late this morning.

Correspondingly, two relief pitchers were promoted from Euegene to South Bend this morning: lefty Sam Wilson and side armer Corbin Hoffner will be joining the club today.

For Null, this is a well earned promotion. For most of the first half, he had an ERA under 1.00. Now it is at 2.33. On Tuesday this week, he was the player of the game in the Midwest League All-Star Game. He has great control and gets a lot of groundballs. He has only walked 4 batters in 65 and 2/3 innings. Garner has been outstanding as a reliever. In the last two and 1/2 weeks he has gone 6 and 1/3 innings while only allowing 1 run and striking out 12!

Later the Myrtle Beach Pelicans put out a tweet why Null and Garner moved up.

Minor league teams don’t give out why a player is on the DL, they remain pretty cryptic. Let’s hope it’s minor and they will be back soon. It will make for an interesting decision when they are ready to return.

I don’t think this will be the last of the moves the next couple of days. South Bend will need a starter to replace Null in the rotation. Today it is Michael Wagner. The last time he started was in 2013.

It should make for an interesting few days.


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