He’s Back!!!! Kyle Schwarber Part 2 Starts Tomorrow

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schwarber 72
From all reports (Johnathon May0), it looks as though Miguel Montero will be placed on the DL tomorrow. In his place will come Kyle Schwarber! Montero’s thumb injury appears to be more severe than previously thought. As a result, the Cubs decided to go with Schwarber and his bat.

It is likely that David Ross may not be ready yet (concussion) and the Cubs catchers will be Teagarden and Schwarber. We don’t really have the whole story including how long Monetero will be out and who else will be catching.

Tomorrow, the Cubs begin a stretch of games against teams with sub .500 records. After playing one of the hardest schedules in the first half, the Cubs offense is ready to feast upon the Braves, Reds, Phillies, Rockies, and Brewers the next 17 days. With a 1 game lead in the wild card race, this is the perfect time for the Cubs to put some distance between them and the Mets and Giants.

In the long run, though, the Cubs need Montero, his defense, and leadership back if the Cubs are to go far in the playoffs.


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