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Trade Bait Thought
The flavor of the day is San Diego pitcher Tyson Ross. Another part of me thinks maybe Craig Kimbrel might be the wiser choice (see last night’s game). Who knows, maybe the Cubs pull off a blockbuster. They send Castro and four prospects to San Diego for Ross and Kimbrel along with Will Venable – a sort of one stop shopping. San Diego could be like the Walmart of Major League Baseball for the Cubs.

I joke, but it sounds good in theory. The Astros are rumored to be in on all them as well, plus Andrew Cashner.

bryant 62In other randomness
10. How about that Kris Bryant, huh?
13. Can’t wait to see Ian Happ and Gleyber Torres in the same lineup two weeks from tonight in Beloit.
4. I am beginning to wonder if any of the rule five eligible or Iowa prospects are going to be traded like Christian Villanueva, Steven Bruno, Junior Lake, Carl Edwards, Jr., Arismendy Alcantara, and Matt Szczur?
6. The Tennessee Smokies are in dire need of offense right now. Their second half bats have not been good, and I’m being kind: Pitching – good, bats – bad.
12. Cubs may do addition by subtraction by the deadline. I didn’t think they would trade Castro until the off-season, but he might be out by the weekend; Maybe with Raphael Soriano in tow.
7. I am still surprised by the emergence of Tommy Thorpe as a starting pitcher in South Bend along with Michael Wagner. In addition, Brad Markey’s ascendance to master starter at Myrtle Beach might be the biggest surprise of the year after Ryan Williams skipping high A Myrtle Beach.
1. Watched the Pelicans game last night off and on while the Cubs were on. Tseng looked to be a little off on his game as the Pelicans came out with a 4-3 victory. It is clear Tseng is not throwing 95 miles an hour anymore. He’s back down around 90-92 (which is still more than last year) and has a 1.41 ERA for the month. Walks are still a concern.
15. Does Ryan Williams go to AAA next spring? Why yes, yes he does.
16. Pizza and tacos are better when homemade.
5. With only one month left to go in the minor league season, I started thinking about which players are going to be promoted and which players are going to be basically held back. Others could be in for a position change. Two names that I’m curious to see what happens to are Albert Almora, Jr. and Jake Hannemann.
rose 652. Matt Rose seems is heating back up in Eugene. His average is almost back up to .280 and he is driving in runs in bunches. With Happ’s departure, Rose stepped it up.
3. Donnie Dewees is getting back in the swing of it in the past few days. He has clocked a couple of homeruns and his batting average is closing in on 240 after sliding down to .221.
8. Eugene Emeralds pitching is taking a beating the past week as De La Cruz, Sands, Kellogg, and Steele have all given up more than five runs per game.
9. Ian Happ’s defense isn’t too bad. He has a lot of speed. He is good and going side to side and coming in. But he needs to work on balls that are over his head. His first instinct is always to come in when it should be to go back.
11. The Cubs are still about three players away from being able to make a run in the playoffs. A couple of bullpen arms and a bat are what they need.
19. Fifth starter nonsense might just be a smokescreen to drive up the market on starters and lower the market on relievers.
14. South Bend’s 2016 rotation is going to be loaded with those college pitchers unleashed and unrestricted.
17. Ian Rice – C – Eugene: Looks like the kid can hit.
20. The Cubs pull out of the Venezuelan league after the season. #phrasing
18. I wish the Emeralds had MiLB.TV.
Random thoughts now purged.


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