My Favorite Baseball Cards of the Second Half of 2015

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I made a lot of cards this year. I think that’s a good thing for a few reasons. One, the photographs were brilliant in color and action. Second, that means there are a lot of good prospects! And third, that means I had a lot of free time on my hands. With the minor league seasons ending in less than two weeks, I thought today would be a good point to select some of my favorite cards of the second half.

Earlier in July, I put up my favorite cards of the year at that point. Today, I add 12 more to the mix from the second half. Strangely, there are no Iowa Cubs. Their presence on the web has been lacking in photographs of high profile pictures. Tennessee, Myrtle Beach, South Bend, and Eugene are well represented in photos by Andrew Green, Larry Kave, Rikk Carlson, and my favorite, the Emeralds’ Facebook Page. You can see all the cards I made this year on my 2015 Cards page.

To begin, let’s start with a trio of pics from South Bend. The reason I selected these have to do mainly with contrast.  There’s something about the grey, red, and blue of South Bend that catches my eye and my mind. I think it has more to do with the red, but in these three cards, its a mixture of the colors and action. I love the red of Tommy Thorpe’s hat, the circle change grip of Trevor Clifton, and the redness of Daniel Lewis’ hat and his intensity.

thorpe 70 2015 clifton 70 2015  lewis 71 2015

This trio of 1973 cards were selected because of the action taking place. The first one is Kris Bryant’s walk off two run homer against Colorado on a Monday night July 27. It was the jump start to the Cubs second half run and great August. The second shows Gleyber Torres in action with that red hat. And the third picture captures  Trey Masek in a Civic Stadium jersey after getting the final out in Eugene’s no hitter!

bryant 73 2Torres 73 2015 2 masek 73 2015

I like these three 1976 cards for a variety of reasons. The first one shows Willson Contreras in vibrant colors. The second one shows Jeremy Null in my favorite Pelicans jersey (their Batting Practice/Warmup Jersey) and I love the positioning of his right hand after release. The third is also one of my favorites. I love how Ian Happ’s hand go through the strike zone. In this picture, you can see them locked and loaded and ready to release upon the baseball a wave of fury and vengeance…sorry, got carried away there.

contreras 76Null 76 2015 2happ 76m2015

These three were selected for a variety of reasons. I love how Donnie Dewees makes an over the shoulder catch in the first one, while in the second, his face is very stoic and forthright. The final pic is shows the ball just about to meet the bat of Rashad Crawford in his July 4th jersey in a 1986 card.

dewees 78dewees 85 2015 crawford 86

Next year should be interesting when it comes to cards. I will be attending more South Bend games as they play in Kane County, Clinton, and the Quad Cities, all of which are not very far from my house. In addition, I plan on visiting Myrtle Beach and Tennessee in one road trip in early June, if their schedules match up.




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