Welcome to Cubs Central!

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Welcome to Cubs Central!!!!

Welcome to our new website. Cubs Central is just a catchier name, easier to remember, and we hope to see you here often. Change your bookmarks and favorites now!

All the old posts and baseball cards have been moved over and we will put the same posts on both sites until the season ends. Give us a like us on Facebook and follow Clark (@ClarkInChicago) and I on Twitter.

In the next year…

markey 79 2015 2Several things about this new site will remain the same:
The baseball cards page will remain but will have new pictures of the prospects at their new affiliates.
The cards will also be used throughout our posts again.
Our Draft coverage will still be quick and on point.
We will continue to do the monthly minor league All-Star teams and minor league players of the week.
Todd will have our popular minor league team previews in January and February.
Clark will be at Wrigley Field for many of the games

Some things will change with the new site

We now have our own email: Cubscentral2016@gmail.com.
We have a facebook page, too!
We have our own YouTube Channel.
Next year we will have a couple more minor league weekly awards including team of the week, reliever of the week, and some new monthly awards.
We also hope to do some interviews with minor league players and continue to foster the connections we made with Nathan Barnett and Darrin Pritchett
We will be reporting from the Cubs Convention in January with some video.
Todd will be at Kane County, Clinton, and the Quad Cities to see South Bend play each series
And a trip is in the works to Myrtle Beach and/or Tennessee

Going forward, Clark and I both discussed that we need to keep our #brand unique. We will stick to the foundation of what was started two years ago, but we also want to make it more modern with the use of modern media for you to access information on the go. While we love blogs like Cubs Insider, Behind the Pinstripes, The Cub Reporter, Cubs Den, Bleacher Nation, and World Series Dreaming, we don’t want to be those sites. We want to be us. We just want to share our love and interest of the Cubs in our unique way and we will continue to do so at Cubs Central. My twitter handle will reflect that change as well going from @cubdom08 to @cubscentral08.

We have had several offers from people since the 2015 draft from people who would like to write for the blog. For the off season it is just Clark and I. We may have the occasional guest post and those people will be a great addition to the site to expand viewership to this blog, but also add to their own blogs.

Here’s to a great third year at our new address!!!


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