The Cubs’ Top Moments of the 2015 Season

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2015 has been an incredible season! With Friday night’s win over the Brewers, the Cubs have now won 95 games! Looking back at last March, it was inconceivable that anybody would say that the Cubs could win that many games. Most estimates had the Cubs winning between 83 and 85 games, and to say 87 was a bit aggressive, or a stretch.

With the regular season ending Sunday, I thought it would be fun today to pick out the top moments in the Cubs’ season this year.

When I began compiling the list, I thought I was only going to have 10 moments. Well I got to 10 pretty quick. And it was hard to stop where I did, as I could’ve easily have gone 20 deep. Every Jake Arrieta start the past two months could’ve made it as well as every Kris Bryant homerun. I whittled it down to a good 14 including two things from the past week.

14. Rookie Hazing Trip Picture

13. Starlin’s walk up music gets the crowd going

12. My journey back through the season begins with Starlin Castro mimic mimicking Chris Bryant throw to first. What I love about this is Rizzo’s reaction when the play is over.

11. Anthony Rizzo Walk Off – because it’s a walkoff.

10. Buckethead – Johnathan Herrera will not be on the post season roster, but Bucket Head should be as he was the main highlight of every walk off win.

9. Strop fist pumps – Pedro had a rough August but this moment got me all fired up with this display of emotion during a White Sox game.

8. Baez and his Gun – I make no bones about my love for everything about Javy Baez. But his glove and arm are amazing!

7. Bryant at Philadelphia – This is the first of three Bryant highlights, but he is currently my favorite Cub and when he connects, I get the vapors!

6. Five Homers vs Braves – This was HR Derby Day for the Cubs and a glimpse of the next few years.

5. Bryant Walk Off vs Tribe – After the Cubs blew a big lead, Bryant won the game with a bottom of the ninth dinger.

4. Video Board shot – Yes, he hit the video board. NASA had to be called in.

3. Russell Dive – For most teams, this might be number one. However, the Cubs are not most teams.

2. Arrieta’s No No and Press Conference Jammies – When I watched this game, I didn’t realize Arrieta had a no-no until the sixth and it was a masterpiece. Then for kicks, he goes to the press conference in mustachioed jammies. Class!

1. Bryant’s HR and Strop’s escort – This was where every Cub finally believed that this team was as good as they thought they were.

The great thing about this season is that there have been many more highlights from Chris Denorfia, Chris Coghlan, Hector Rondon, David Ross, Jorge Soler, Miguel Montero, Jon Lester, and the whole team. My wife and I talked during the game Friday that this year’s team might be the most enjoyable team of our lives – equaling the 1984 team for her, and surpassing the 2003 team for me. This team is good.


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