O, Ye of Little Faith: Cubs Tie Up NLDS and Take Away Home Field Advantage

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soler 82Being a Cub fan is like being fans with a lot of junior high students. Everything is the greatest thing in the world, or it’s the worst. Basically, the last line sums up the last 24 hours. The Cubs lose game one 4-0 as a result of only putting 3 hits on the board. A series usually doesn’t start until someone loses at home. Well tonight, the Cubs made that happen as they swarmed the plate with two safety squeezes and a Jorge Soler home run en route to a 6-3 win, all in St. Louis. The series now shifts to Chicago.

On Monday afternoon (for now), the Cubs have Jake Arrieta going at home. If he can do what everyone thinks he can do, then you have my permission to get a little antsy. For game 4, I have no idea what trick Maddon will pull, but I am thinking it will be Jason Hammel or the bullpen getting the start. Hammel has gone 7 and given up 3 ERs and 4 innings with 4 ERs against the Cardinals. It should be an interesting decision.

But first, let’s just enjoy the feeling that the Cubs won tonight. They now have home field advantage.

Fly the W with pride tonight and enjoy that same feeling tomorrow.

Monday night should be fun!


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