Zobrist In, Castro Out: Cubs Make Some Serious Moves and More to Come

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zobristAs I thought would happen, the Cubs made some moves while I was at a conference. Tonight, the Cubs signed utility player Ben Zobrist, and then within minutes, shipped Starlin Castro to the Yankees for pitcher Adam Warren and a player to be named later (PTBNL). On the surface, it doesn’t appear that the Cubs got much in return for Castro. I think you have to look at like this: Zobrist was at the forefront of this deal. By that, one has to assume that Zobrist was acquired as part of a Castro trade even though Zobrist was a free agent. No Zobrist signing, No Castro trade. So, in all actuality, the Cubs picked up Zobrist , Warren, a PTBNL, and salary relief for Castro – that’s a pretty good deal.

Zobrist, 34, is an outstanding switch hitter who can play 4-5 position and had OBPs last year of .400 from the left, and .399 from the right – something Castro never came close to doing.

Warren, 28, is a tall right handed pitcher who both starts and relieves. Last year he had a 3.29 ERA starting (17) and relieving for the Yankees. To see more on Warren’s scouting report, click on his picture.

warren traded

For most teams, what the Cubs have done would be an entire off season. However, the Cubs are not done yet. They are still short a CF. The rumor mill is that the Cubs are in on free agent Jason Heyward. Heyward would be a great fit in a very potent Cub’s lineup. Tomorrow, I hope to wake up and see my MLB At-Bat app lit up on my phone with the news.

It could happen : ]



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