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010In the past year, the Cubs went through a lot of changes, as did I. Three new affiliates came aboard, the major league club returned to winning, and this website moved and changed its name. In addition, Clark Lorensen joined up to do some recaps and game previews. Evan Altman of Cubs Insider and Jared Wyllys of Cubs Den did awesome guest posts in November and December!

Even though we are basically a weekend blog for five months out of the year, earlier this week I listed some personal goals I wanted to accomplish this summer. When I started the blog in 2013, it veered more towards the minors because that’s where the action was in the organization. Now, in 2016, it’s swung back to the majors, and rightfully so. The next three months of content will see some “Making the Jump” player profiles, spring training news and notes, and affiliate profiles. There might even be one draft update in there by late March, too.

Come April 4, though, the majors open regular season play and Cubs Central will be there to cover it. On April 7, the minor leagues open for business as well. That should be a busy week!

I also hope to do some interviews at the Cubs Convention, and maybe talk to some players and broadcasters later this summer.

In January, I will continue looking at some prospects “Making the Jump” in 2016 including Paul Blackburn, Trevor Clifton, Jake Stinnett, and Eloy Jimenez. I will still cover the South Bend Cubs for Cubs Insider along with another affiliate to be determined. And I could possibly do some stuff for a blog to be named later.

Meanwhile, here at this not for profit website, some things will stay the same this summer, and some will change.

pierce AFL 2015Staying the Same

  1. The baseball cards are still one of the things that sets this site apart. I will continue to make them and I am pretty excited to get started when the season begins. I have some new cards up and ready to go.
  2. Draft Coverage stays the same. This year, the draft will be moved back until after the College World Series (late June). With the Cubs losing both their first and second round pick, the Cubs, as of today, don’t draft until the third round unless Dexter Fowler signs with another team. Then they would draft in a Compensation Round between the first and second rounds and wait until the third round for their second pick.
  3. Weekly and Monthly All-Star Awards – The weekly awards will continue to be on Sunday while the monthly awards will be given out on the last day of the month. We started making short videos last year for the monthly occasion and that will remain the same in 2016.
  4. The popular Team Previews also saw extensive viewing last February. In fact, I’ve gotten so advanced, that we are going to have a preview of the previews in late January.
  5. The Prospects Pictures page will undergo some structural revisions this year. However, I will still continue stocking it with my own pictures of my travels around the Midwest League.
  6. The Top 21 Prospect List page begins its second year and should have some major changes on it this summer as players develop and improve. A couple of the prospects might even make it to the majors this summer.

Minor Changes at the Site

  1. In addition to the occasional posts on the website, Clark will be doing some major league series previews and reviews on our Facebook page. He will have some video and pictures from the ballpark. Give us a like on Facebook and you can always follow Clark on Twitter at: @ClarkInChicago.
  2. Card of the Day – Once the minor league season begins on April 7, I will put up a new Topps reproduction baseball card of a prospect in the Cubs system on our Facebook page every day.
  3. A new Prospect Video page was added just today. So far, there’s at bats from Gleyber, Ian Happ and Matt Rose. In addition, there’s one of Trevor Clifton pitching.
  4. New Minor League Awards – This year, we will be adding to our list of Sunday awards. Here are the new awards we will be handing out: Reliever of the Week, Affiliate of the Week, and Play of the Week (Video). The Monthly Awards will include Reliever of the Month, Affiliate of the Month, and Play of the Month (Video).
april 10 sample
Here’s a sample of the first award. Click to enlarge.

I look forward to providing you with more unique and interesting #content this year!

Thanks for reading and following!

Happy New Year!



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