10 Things I Think – The Pre-Convention Edition

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IMG_5312Here are ten things I have been thinking about lately:

  1. The Cubs will add one or two more players before spring training starts next month. More than likely those players will be added on a minor-league contract with an invite to spring training. Some of the “free agent smoke” still has to settle.
  1. I still think the Cubs are going to go out and get a couple more international free agents. I don’t think it’s going to be Yaisel Sierra. Even though he’s 24, and can throw in the middle 90s, word on the street is he is ineffectively wild. If the Cubs think they can fix what makes him wild, then I think they could go get him. However, the odds are not in his favor. As for Lazarito, we will know more after his showcase today.
  1. I think you’ll see a lot more international talent in Arizona and Eugene this year. One reason is the amount of college players the Cubs selected the last two years. They didn’t draft a whole lot of high school players that signed outside of Hudson and Wilson. I will have a whole post on this tomorrow.
  1. I saw someone make a proposal about trading Chris Coghlan on Twitter the other day. I don’t think I really like the idea much at all. The reason why I would be against such a trade is because Coghlan can play four to five spots and he does provide a pretty decent left-handed bat off the bench, something the Cubs would have none of if he left. His defense has been much improved since 2014, however, I don’t think he is a defensive replacement. If you were to trade him, you better get back a left handed hitting defensive replacement.
  1. Eddy Julio Martinez is going to go to Arizona for a yearlong acclimation process, and then proceed to spring training, extended spring training, and rookie ball in Arizona. It does not look like he is going to see South Bend or even Eugene in 2016 as he adjusts to life in the US.
  1. Prospect lists are starting to come in. I will be comparing them in their totality. I will be looking at MLB Pipeline, Fan Graphs, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, Keith Law, Cubs Den, and John Sickels. My new Top 21 list will hopefully be done by the end of the month, early February at the latest.
  1. Dexter Fowler may be signing pretty soon. If that happens, the Cubs will get there compensation pick while they will still lose their first and second round picks in this year’s draft. I still see Ryan Boldt as an option, but I also see some pitchers who could be around when the Cubs are on the clock.
  1. I was excited to see so much admiration for Ken Griffey, Jr. I think his selection and his high vote total put some hope back in the process. Next year, I would like to see both Pudge Rodriguez and Vladimir Guerrero get in, but I am not too sure about Vlad, even though he is one of my all-time favorite players to watch.
  1. eloy 76 2015 3Eloy Jimenez is heading to South Bend. I can’t wait! On Sunday, I will have a post about his making the jump to low A baseball.
  1. Cubs Convention to Do List – The Eugene Emeralds are coming to the convention, and I hope to be able to buy some Eugene Emeralds gear. Other than that, I hope to just sit in on some sessions, do an interview or two, and get ready for the 2016 season!

Upcoming posts

Saturday – Eloy Jimenez: Making the Jump Series

Sunday – North of the Border – Details some of the Cubs top international talent in 2016

Next Weekend – Cubs Convention Coverage all weekend long.


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