Fowler Signing Kills the Dabynsky Effect

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In an extremely surprising move today, the Cubs signed OF Dexter Fowler to a one year deal with two options. Fowler, in addition to his leadership and defense, brings a potent bat at the top of the lineup and fixes any depth issues the Cubs have at the position. Fowler’s signing also improves the Cubs late inning defense of which I was highly critical of earlier this week in “The Dabynsky Effect.”

I am unsure of how the Cubs will divvy up playing time with Fowler. The one effect I can think of right away is that on Javy Baez. I don’t think the Fowler signing is knock on Javy, but rather an endorsement. It was clear to me that Szczur and Coghlan were not going to fit in the outfield. 

baez 82 2015I take this move that there is confidence in what Baez can do in the outfield. With Baez and Fowler as backups/starters, the defense is vastly improved over what it was two days ago.

I didn’t think I would be spending a short post about the Fowler signing talking about Javy Baez, but it does have a huge impact on him, and even more so, makes LaStella’s left handed bat more valuable with Coghlan gone.

With Fowler’s signing, the Cubs do not have a draft pick until Round 3. I am OK with that; I really am. They will only have $2.3 million to spend in their pool. They can get a couple of nice players in the third and fourth rounds and find some high risk senior standouts.

I still can’t believe this. With Fowler in tow, the Cubs are a much deeper team, a much more athletic team, and a much better defensive team. Afterwards, Theo said the Cubs are done dealing. If there is a piece the Cubs need this summer, they are going to go get it just like they did today.


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