Celebrate the Beginning of the Season in Style with Cubs Central

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Over the next two weeks, we will have a lot of fresh daily content at Cubs Central. That’s a little different for us. For the past two and a half years, we have gotten by mostly as a weekend blog. That will change a little bit to celebrate the beginning of the season. There are a lot of things happening in the Cubs’ universe to cover! Check back every day to see a new post!

clifton 85To begin, there will be three posts this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday about the upcoming MLB draft. We will examine some strategy, high school position players, current trending college pitchers, and several college bats. Later next week, there will be two posts about possible breakout candidates in the Cubs minor league system. One post breaks down twelve pitchers on the precipice of stardom. As well, seven position players will get the star treatment as they could move up prospect lists due to their prodigious efforts at the plate.

To add to the extravaganza, I have a Pre-Season All-Star team in video form for the first half of the minor league season. I will also have 10 predictions for what I think will happen in the first half of the minor league season. Probably my favorite post is one Clark and I wrote together about what we think the Cubs will do in April. It has some good categories such as wins plus some fun categories from which you will get a chuckle.

Clark has also been putting up some video on our Facebook page. Make sure and give that page alike and click on the drop-down menu to get notifications. Also, Clark has been doing some Periscope shows; make sure to follow him on Twitter to catch those videos. @ClarkInChicago

lewis 71 2015In addition, there will be new baseball cards as prospects begin a new season with their new affiliates. At first, there will be a reliance on the affiliate websites before photographers start going to games, including Clark and myself.

I’m extremely excited about our season opening content that will come your way starting on Friday and won’t stop all season. Throughout most of April, expect to get a couple of posts per day on the weekends that includes game reports of the major league club (except when they are on the west coast) along with weekly minor league wrap ups and player profiles.

One thing that will stay the same this year is the Sunday post where I will continue to give out player of the week awards for “Hitter of the Week” and “Pitcher of the Week.” This year, “Reliever of the Week” and “Team of the Week” awards will be added, and hopefully, a “Web Gem of the Week” in video form.

We can’t wait to get started and thanks for following!


My youngest dog, Atticus, is waiting for the Cubs to start playing.

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