The Weekly Awards and 10 Things I Think – The Minor League Edition

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It is April 10th and you know what that means…nothing actually. Usually about once a month I publish a post called “10 Things I think.” This season, I’ve decided to publish it on the 10th of the month (I had a team of monkeys working on that). I will continue to do the minor-league version by myself while Clark and I will co-write the major-league version on the 20th of every month.

With the beginning of the minor league season, there were a lot of things to think about from the last three days.

1. Weather – The fact that both Iowa and South Bend had to deal with playing in snowstorms, it was not really conducive to either playing or watching the Cubs top prospects the past three days.
2. Will Remillard – I feel really bad for this kid as he is headed for a second Tommy John surgery and the young catcher will miss his second year in a row.
eddy 70 2016 st3. Eddy Julio Martinez – This kid can hit. What I’ve seen so far in three games is that he has a pretty good idea of what pitches he can do something with and he does it. He’s hitting .333 for three games. He has not hit a home run yet nor take a walk.
4. PJ Higgins – He looks to have a pretty good plan up at the plate and what kind of pitches he is selecting to hit. He’s hitting .444 with a .643 OBP. He also was hit twice by pitches, both in one game, which I thought was a little odd
5. Donnie Dewees – He should be renamed “Donnie Dewheels” as this kid can fly on the bases and in the field. He can hit a triple down the line, a double in the gap, and a bunt down third baseline. He really makes the line up go.
6. Eloy Jimenez – He looks to be trying to hard to destroy every pitch. he just needs to relax and be patient and look for balls in a certain zone rather than try to pull every pitch.
7. Chesny Young – He is the most underrated prospect in the organization. More on him later.
8. AAA Iowa – They’re starting pitching has been terrible (16+ ERA just from the starters). Hopefully the weather is the culprit and not the arms that are throwing. I expect Ryan Williams to be much better the second time around.
9. AA pitching – All three starters and solid so far, two with ERAs under 2.00. Tyler Skulina goes today.
10. Jonathan Martinez – I don’t know why Jonathan Martinez was left behind in Myrtle Beach, but I don’t think the place is going to challenge him. Then again, he might be in Tennessee sooner than we think based on the pitching that is taking place in Iowa. Give it a month.

Weekly Awards
Pitcher of the Week – This came down to Jonathan Martinez, Brad Markey, and Ryan Kellogg. All three pitched 5 innings. Markey and Kellogg did not give up a run and Martinez gave up one.

Hitter of the Week – Chesney young. When you get a .500 average with over a .600 OB P, it’s hard to find anyone else to compete with you. Runner-up this week was PJ Higgins from South Bend

Reliever of the Week – Kyle Twomey. Four plus innings with 7K’s in one outing gets you an award. He gets to start on Tuesday for South Bend.

Team of the Week – Tennessee Smokies. They are the only affiliate with a winning record at two and one.

Web Gem of the Week – It goes to Donnie DeWees who made a game saving grab on Saturday to seal the victory for South Bend, their first of the year. His mother gets a little assist for capturing the video and posting it on Twitter.


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