Our Top Ten Cards of Spring Training

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This spring has been a lot of fun when it comes to making cards. For some strange reason, I made over 100 of them just from spring training. While I did post many on this site, I also have them all at our Facebook page. Here are my 10 favorite cards from this spring – with thanks to John Arguello for letting me use some of his pics (Hint, his are all in the blue practice jerseys). I couldn’t wait to make cards of the prospects in their jerseys of their new affiliates. They are already up and on the cards page here.

steele 77 torres 71 2016 st eddy 70 2016 st

10, 9, 8 –  I really like the card of Justin Steele for his hair flapping in the breeze and the full length shot of delivery. The shot of Gleyber Torres reminds me of one I took of him in Burlington. As for Eddy, this picture was one of three John took that first day. It gave Cub fans their first look at the $3 million man.

almora 73 2016 stVCaratini 82 2016 strivero 64 2016

7. 6. 5 – I like action pictures the best for cards. They are not the easiest to find.I love Almora’s expression and Caratini’s extension in their cards. As for Armando Rivero, there are not a lot of pics of him out there. This one was so clear and concise.

williams 82 2016 1javy 84 st 2016zagunis 71 2026

4, 3, 2 – The action theme continues with Ryan Williams’ classic pitch face and Javy Baez in action. The picture of Mark Zagunis was taken by Larry Kave last summer but I did not find it until recently.

willson 2016 2 85

1. – Taken on the backfields at Mesa, this pic sums up who the Cubs catcher of the future might be. I love that the landscape is fuzzy in the background and how the solo dugout signifies the minor league stature of the action while Contreras looks clearly in command.


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