No Hitter #2 for Arrieta Caps a Special Night

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I am stunned. Not because Jake Arrieta threw a no hitter, but that it actually happened almost just like last time. I was just enjoying watching the game and watching the Cubs win. I didn’t realize Arrieta had a no hitter going until after 4 innings.

arrieta 59For most of the game, I was actually more into the pinball machine offensive atmosphere Kris Bryant was displaying:  4 for 6, 2 HRs, and 6 RBIs.

While all this was happening, I was trying to watch the Myrtle Beach and South Bend games one at a time. The TV was on, but when the score got to be 9-0, I kind of tuned it out a bit, forgetting about the no hitter.

Bryant, Russell, and Rizzo all made great defensive plays to back up Arrieta and that was awesome to see. Bryant went across the foul line and then made an impressive one hop throw that Rizzo scooped clean to get the out.

While Arrieta did not have the best command, every ball that came off a bat was some pretty weak contact. He gave up four walks as his pitches were moving all over the place. He got a nice DP in the 6th that really kept his pitch count down enough. And the last two innings, Arrieta was Mr. Fastball attacking every hitter in the zone.

Even though I am happy for Arrieta, I am also happy for David Ross who had a great game behind the plate. Ross also threw out a runner at first, and at the plate, he hit a HR as he went 2  for 4 with 3 runs and 1 walk.

I think this is the most impressive game I have seen the Cubs play. The offense clicked, the defense clicked, and the pitching clicked in a 16-0 route.

I have now seen five Cubs no hitters in my lifetime on TV (Holtzman, Hooton, Zambrano, and 2 Arrieta). Sadly, I did not see the Pappas no hitter. Arrieta’s two are easily the most impressive.

And here’s probably the most important thing – Arrieta’s likely to do another time this year. He has the stuff to do it every night, every night.


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