Dylan Cease Debuts, MiLB.TV Hiccups, and Jake Stevens Becomes a Star

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cease 64 2016 eug

What began as a somewhat normal evening at home, soon turned into a somewhat of a surreal one. About 8:45, I was still watching the South Bend Cubs game. I clicked on Twitter only to see this tweet.

It didn’t dissolve into panic for me until the MiLB.TV link disappeared. I calmly said to myself, “I will listen to it on the radio when South Bend is done.

That didn’t happen either.

When South Bend tragically lost on an error, the Eugene radio feed would not work. I had to settle for the Boise radio feed.

I did get to listen to most of the game before I fell asleep around 11. Dylan Cease went four innings, gave up 2 hits to 1 player, a 2B and a homer, struck out 2, and gave up a run. He was throwing in the mid 90s. Matt Rose hit a two-run homer. And Darryl Wilson walked 3 times, scored twice, and stole two bases. Enrique de los Rios came on in the fifth to relieve and that’s when I laid down to listen. By the sixth inning, I fell asleep.

While I was awake, I noticed some video coming in from a fan at the ballpark. Suddenly, within minutes, Jake Stevens became a mini-celebrity on a night without TV. Jake captured Matt Rose’s homer, and more importantly, he gave us a glimpse of Mr. Cease in action.

Here are three of Jake’s tweets:

The Emeralds cruised to a 6-1 victory.

Tonight, hopefully the MiLB.TV link works, I have already checked. It’s on the box score, already to go. Young 19 year-old Bryan Hudson gets the start. And maybe, we will get some more video from Jake as well.


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