June Cards of the Month – Lots of Contrasts, Colors, and Angles

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June might be the most exciting month to make cards. There are draft pick cards, draftees in their new uniforms, promoted players, and Eugene and Arizona start playing. As a result, it gets hard this month to narrow it down to just 10 cards.

10, 9, and 8

Underwood 70 2016 tenntseng 70 2016 Tenncael 855 2016 tenn

Sometimes when I select cards to be on this list, color plays an important role in that selection. At number 10, The blue and the gray of Duane Underwood’s jersey and the border of the card match well together. I I have always liked the combination of those two colors and it might be the history teacher in me that loves the mixture of blue and gray. While Jen-Ho Tseng does not flash as much blue as Underwood, the colors do mix. As for number eight, I love the throwback jerseys the Smokies wear as they go back to the 1977 Chicago Cubs road jerseys. This time, the contrast between light and dark blue provide a very unique card.

7, 6, and 5

miller draft 2016eddy 85 2016 sbrice 77 2016 sb

The three cards are all about action. For number 7, the Cubs fourth round pick, Tyson Miller, is photographed from a unique angle and perspective and I think that is what makes it an extremely unique card. At number six, Eddy Martinez is shown in focus in a bright blue uniform while the crowd in back of him is blurry. I just love that in a card because it almost makes it three-dimensional. At number 5 is Ian Rice who was promoted to Myrtle Beach shortly after this picture was taken. I like this card because Rice actually hit a homerun in this photograph by Rikk Carlson.

4, 3, and 2

eloy 85 2016 sbgleyber 76 2016 mb 2Hudson 65 2016 eug

I just love Eloy Jimenez as a prospect. Anytime I get a good picture of him, it always makes a great card. What I like about this card is that there are three or four levels of blue throughout the picture by Rikk Carlson. For number 3, I love the contrast between the background of the picture and the yellow throughout the uniform of the Pelicans’ shortstop Gleyber Torres. Number 2, Bryan Hudson looks great in the photo by Ryan Kang. What I love is the way the sky background and the stripes of his uniform make for a very cool retro photograph.

At number one is Dylan Cease. What I love most about this is the angle at which the picture was taken and the background that really makes Cease’s uniform pop out on the card. The picture was taken by Ryan Kang , the same photographer of the Hudson shot.

cease 64 2016 eug

Next month I’ll be back with more photographs of the prospects in action. Look for new prospects and new uniforms to dot the list. In addition to the usual photographers, I’ll have some of my own pictures. I’ll be spending three days in Clinton and two days at Kane County taking pictures, video, and reporting.



2 thoughts on “June Cards of the Month – Lots of Contrasts, Colors, and Angles

    Gary Wright said:
    July 2, 2016 at 9:03 am

    We are the proud grandparents of a new draftee, Colton Freeman. We were wondering how we can get the actual baseball card of him? Thanks


      Todd Johnson responded:
      July 2, 2016 at 9:11 am

      All the cards or digital. So just right click with your mouse on the picture and click save picture as you can tell the computer where you want to save it. Congratulations!


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