Weekly News and Awards: Eugene and South Bend Continue to Rock and Roll

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I was all set with this post yesterday afternoon. All I thought I had to do was to adjust a few stats in the morning. Then, last night happened. I took the wife out for a nice meal and when we got home, I started watching the South Bend game. It was not going well, but I stayed with it. It turned out to be one of the most incredible endings to a game I have ever seen as the Cubs overcame a six run deficit in the ninth to win on a walk off single by Donnie Dewees! Check out the video highlights below

After the South Bend game ended in such a glorious fashion, I followed through on one of my favorite summer traditions, staying up late with the Emeralds. Despite two balks in one inning, pitcher Jesus Castillo threw another gem last night as he struck out double digit batters, in this case, 10. The Ems won 5-2 and are just running away with the division and have the best record in the Northwest League at 17-6. They will get their own post tomorrow about how they are getting it done.

It was a strange week in the South and Northwest. There were a lot of rainouts and a lot of doubleheaders, some which turned into more doubleheaders. At times I am sure the Tennessee, Iowa, and Myrtle Beach pitchers didn’t know which way was up. Eugene also had a rainout and they were forced to play a doubleheader on Friday.

monasterio 79 2016 sbThe big news of the week were some promotions. Andruw Monasterio was promoted from Eugene to South Bend. In addition, Sutton Whiting was released. Relief pitcher Craig Brooks was moved from South Bend to Myrtle Beach and Michael Wagner was moved from Myrtle Beach up to Iowa again. Dexter Fowler showed up in South Bend to do a rehab assignment for just one day. On Saturday, Justin Steele returned to South Bend.

As for game play, it was not a good week for most affiliates. Individually, there were several good performances and some names you should know for the future. There will be a post about those names later this week.

Iowa 2-6; 41-49

The pitching staff is still struggling

Tennessee 1-5; 7-8

They just can’t seem to put all three phases of the game together at the same time

Myrtle Beach 3-4; 8-9

Their bullpen is now top notch. I bet Ryan McNeil can’t remember the last time he gave up a run

South Bend 4-3; 12-5 First Place

The mojo was working without Eloy, who is off at the Futures Game

Eugene 5-2; 17-6 First Place

Pitching, hitting, and the bullpen are all clicking

Arizona 2-4; 8-8

The pitching took a spill this week. Gustavo Polanco, though, keeps on ripping the ball

Dominican Republic 1 4-2; 15-16
Dominican Republic 2 4-2; 20-10 1st Place


If you have not been keeping up with Eddy Martinez, he is hitting .486 for the month! He has totally changed his approach and is riveting to watch. His batting average has gone from .236 to .265 in just ten days!

Preston Morrison has a 0.68 ERA since June 1. No wonder South Bend is rolling.

I am pretty excited to see South Bend live this week in Clinton, Iowa. Preston Morrison looks to pitch Wednesday and Casey Bloomquist, Thursday. I will be live tweeting some pics and game information. I will probably have a nice collection of pics on the Prospects Pics page and on Facebook. I will also be at Kane County on Sunday and Monday next week.

Here’s What’s Coming Up Next Week at Cubs

Eugene Dominates in the Northwest

6 Names to Know

Two Days in Iowa


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