The Friday Six Pack – A Weekend of Excitement

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It’s been a busy 24 hours and it will continue to be for the rest of the weekend and on into next Wednesday for me. Here are a few of the things that are happening.

1. The Cubs resume play today against the Rangers. Kyle Hendricks will take the bump for the Cubs and it looks like David Ross will be back, but Dexter will be sidelined for at least another week. I hope that the break did the Cubs some good and they are rested and ready to go.
2. The MLB Draft signing deadline is today at 4 P.M. It looks like the Cubs signed 11th round pick Michael Rucker out of BYU yesterday along with the 33rd rounder, high schooler Nate Sweeney. It appears the Cubs are done signing as they can only have $12,455 left in overages before the team incurs a penalty.
3. Clark and I are putting together six predictions for the second half. That post should be out within the next few days.
Eddy 77 2016 sb4. My trip to Clinton for a doubleheader last night was very fun! It looks like it will take me some time to put together three posts about it. I did get to interview Eddy Martinez with the help of a team translator. That post will arrive Monday, here and at Cubs Insider.
Click each word to see digital media from the games: Pictures | Video
5. Eloy is probably one of the most affable players I have ever met. He smiles, jokes around, signs autographs, encourages teammates, and takes everything in stride, including being called Mr. Fowler once. What I also like is how he has bonded with teammate and fellow top prospect, Eddy Julio Martinez.
6. Justin Steele looked very good last night. Steele went three innings, struck out 5, and allowed one run. He gave up 2 hits and a walk and his fastball was crisp. His fastball came it at 91-92 consistently and his curve looked great in the second and third innings at 76 mph.

I will back at the ballpark on Sunday and Monday as South Bend visits Kane County. I will have more pictures and video on Monday and Tuesday.


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