Weekly News and Awards – Prospect Lists, Debuts, and Pelicans Are Rocking!

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The big news this week was the release of three prospect lists. Baseball Prospectus (BP) released their top 50 prospects, Baseball America (BA) released their top 100, and Baseball America also released each team’s top 10. Within the next 12 days, MLB Pipeline will also release the top 30 in each organization and their top 100 prospects.

eloy 70 2016 futuresBP placed Eloy Jimenez at number 28 in their top 50, Gleyber Torres at number 34, and Ian Happ at number 50. In Baseball America’s top 10 for the Cubs, they ranked the three as Torres 1, Happ 1A, and Eloy third. It would not surprise me to see MLB.com rank Eloy at number one. The interesting thing to me was they had both Contreras and Almora off the list even though they have not hit the prerequisite 150 MLB plate appearances to lose prospect status.

The rest of the BA top 10 filled out like this:
4 Mark Zagunis
5 Jeimer Candelario
6. Oscar de la Cruz
7. Dylan Cease
8. Trevor Clifton
9. Duane Underwood
10. Eddy Martinez

This is a substantial change from their winter list. Gone are Contreras and Almora, but also Billy McKinney. In are Clifton, Cease, and Martinez. I may see the ranking of Zagunis as a little high, but to be honest, you could switch around 4-10 and it wouldn’t make much difference. The falling of Duane Underwood to injury is expected, but Oscar de la Cruz has been injured all year and he rose two spots. Go figure.

I started updating my top 21 list offline but I’m going to wait until the trade deadline is over to publish it. Pretty safe to say, I’m going to have a new number one after only ranking Willson Contreras number one just after the draft and the minor league All-Star break a month ago. So far, eight of the names you see above will be in my top ten. I’m still open to change.

Debuts This Week – Zach Davis, Wyatt Short, Matt Swarmer, Duncan Robinson, and Chad Hockin
It would not surprise me to see Short and Hockin at South Bend very soon. Both were outstanding!

The deadline to sign draft picks ended on Friday at 4 P.M. The Cubs signed 24 of their 38 picks, which was above my estimation of 15-20. Late signings included 11th round pick Michael Rucker from BYU and 33rd round pick Nate Sweeney, a high school pitcher.

Around the System This Week

Iowa 1-3; 42-52
Tennessee 2-5; 9-13
Myrtle Beach 4-2; 12-11 1st Place
South Bend 3-3; 15-8
Eugene 3-3; 20-9 – 1st Place
Arizona 3-2; 11-10
Dominican Republic 1 1-4; 16-20
Dominican Republic 2 4-1; 24-11 – 1st Place

Players of the Week

Pitcher – Zach Hedges 6 IP, 8 Ks
Hitter – Isaac Paredes – 8 for 19 – In his last 3 games, he is 8 for 15 – He began the year injured, and now he’s coming on strong. He’s seen his average go from .182 to .286 in a week.
Reliever – James Pugliese 7.2 IP, 7 Ks, 0 Rs, 1 W
Team of the Week – Myrtle Beach – now in first place!

Here’s What’s Coming Up Next Week at Cubs Central
Interview with Eddy Martinez
A Day at Kane County
Pelicans on a Roll
Waiting for Vogelbach
The 24


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