Post Trade Deadline Top 21 List Is Ready and It’s a Lot Younger

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Mission Control 2

For the better of July, I honed and refined this list offline. Just when I thought I had it done, something happened. I did make a lot of changes, but some were driven by the team, others, performance, or a lack thereof. I think the top 10 prospects are pretty strong, but only two of these prospects made any kind of Top 100 or Top 50 prospects in all of baseball. That should change some in the next year, and a lot by 2018. The Cubs system is turning into a very young system.

The most changes were driven by these four events:
1. Vogelbach trade
2. Almora hit 45 days on an MLB roster and no longer was labeled a prospect
3. Gleyber and Rashad traded for Chapman.
4. Contreras hit 130 plate appearances Sunday night and no longer was labeled a prospect.

Here are a few key facts about the new list
*9 new names from the beginning of the year
*Third different top prospect this year
*6 Players under 20
*1 is 17 years old
*1 player in the Top 21 still has not be assigned to a team
*11 pitchers made the list, 5 in the top 10
*8 were international free agents, 12 were drafted, 1 was acquired via trade
*All were drafted in the Theo era for the first time.

I think things could change some by September, I know that’s only a month from now, but this list is extremely young and there are more extremely young players waiting on deck and in the pen, in addition to some draft picks, to make it onto the list.

Proceed to the new top 21 list


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