Baseball Cards of the Month for August – It’s All About the Light and the Darkness

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I think my fascination for baseball cards goes way back to the fall of 1970. All I remember was that it was a Sunday afternoon just down the street where my much older brother was playing football in the yard with the Craig brothers while I was in the kitchen looking at baseball cards for the very first time. I just turned 7. The Bears game was on the TV and I was mesmerized by the cards, the gum, and the stories on the back.

Over the next eight summers, I had my own collection going before I stopped after the 1979 season. My family moved 150 miles from northern Illinois to western Illinois and baseball cards did not seem as appealing as playing golf every day in the summer. I still wish I had all my cards. But for now, the ones I make will do just fine.

This month cards basically fall into two selection categories. One category is based on the mixture of blue in the picture and in the frame. While the other is based on the different shades of light and color in the picture. It was a pretty artistic month for pictures.


bloomquist 85 2016 sb bote 77 2016 mbrose 71 2016 sb

When the South Bend Cubs had their Star Wars night at the beginning of the month, they wore dark side themed uniforms that were quite eye-catching. I like the red colored lightsaber that builds from the waist up to the neck and blends in perfectly with some shades of black. Rikk Carlson captured this moment with Casey Bloomquist on the mound. Meanwhile, in Carolina, Larry Kave captured the teal in just the right light of David Bodie near sunset. Rikk Carlson has his second picture in the top 10 as he gets a full extension of Matt Rose hitting one of his seven home runs this month. It’s a very Bryant-esque photo.


charcer 65 2016 mb 2dex 71 2016 chi galindo 86 2016 eug

When Myrtle Beach had a South Carolina night to help support the Gamecocks, I really liked the red uniforms and Larry Kave an excellent job capturing Charcer Burks in his special uniform in a 1965 card. MBD Gonzalez makes his first of two appearances in this month’s countdown with an excellent shot of Dexter Fowler getting ready to hit. I love everything about this picture. For Vladimir Galindo, the many shades of green and the tie-dyed Emerald uniform capture him in the sun perfectly in a 1986 Topps card.


rizzo 79 2016 chimorrison 90 2016 mb happ 85 2016 tenn

Anthony Rizzo looks smashing in a retro uniform and a retro card from 1979. The picture, by MBD Gonzalez, captures the clean looking uniform eloquently against the dirt backdrop of the Wrigley Field infield. I haven’t done a lot of 1990 cards until this year. It took a while for me to realize that the light blue in the frame matches almost perfectly at times with the Pelicans powder blue uniforms. In this case, Larry Kave takes the #3 spot with this card of Preston Morrison warming up for Myrtle Beach. Meanwhile, Ian Happ comes in at number two with a 1985 Topps card that captures the several shades of blue in the Smokies’ camouflage uniform.


underwood 77 2016 sb

Rikk Carlson makes it for a third time in the top 10 as he captures Dwayne Underwood in the sun and in the shadows in one of the top pictures of the year. I love how the shadows and sun mix together to create a wonderful card in a 1977 design



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