The Weekly – Playoff Action and a Look Ahead to the Offseason

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Playoff Action

South Bend saw its dream of a championship die with a 4-3 loss to West Michigan on Saturday afternoon. The young Cubs had a great season, but it was a tough way to go out. Most of the players will head to Myrtle Beach next year. In the meantime, the players can now root for their former teammates at Myrtle Beach and Eugene.

Myrtle Beach and the Mills Cup

The Pelicans won their first series against Salem on Friday and began defense of the Mills Cup on Saturday. In the best of five series, Lynchburg won the first game in 12 innings, 4-3. Game 2 is Sunday, but the Pelicans have yet to name a starting pitcher.

Eugene and the NWL

The Emeralds lost their first game in the playoffs and then stormed back to win the next two to oust Hillsboro. The best of three series begins Sunday in Everett. Dylan Cease will start either game one or two. It had not been released which one as of press time.

Players of the Week


Upcoming Posts This Fall and Winter

In the meantime, the next few months on this website will be filled with posts that reflect back at the 2016 minor league season and look forward to the 2017 minor league season. We also have MLB content in its early stages. Here are some of the things that will be on Cubs Central through February.

Top Pitching Storylines for 2017 – From Jose Albertos to Faustino Carrera, Cubs Central will examine some pitchers to watch for in the Cubs System next year.

Top Hitting Storylines for 2017 – Jonathan Sierra is just one of many young hitting prospects to keep an eye on for 2017.

A New Top 21 List – The list was last updated at the beginning of August and I will probably update it again either after the Arizona Fall League, or I could do it in January after the winter meetings and GM meetings. If a trade occurs, I will also update it then.

Draft Profiles – I’d like to do about one draft profile a week during the off-season. Right now, it appears as though the Cubs will have a first round pick, and depending on Dexter Fowler’s decision, they could have a compensation round pick.

Trades – With three pitchers about ready to leave after the 2017 season, the Cubs will only be left with Lester and Hendricks for the rotation. It would not surprise me to see the Cubs go out and use their assets in the minors to deal for a young starting pitcher.

Team Profiles – In February and March, I will profile each stateside affiliate for the 2017 season.

Cubs Convention – I have not decided if I am going this year. Last year was a bit crowded for my liking. I do like the Saturday sessions quite a bit along with the Sunday morning “Down on the Farm,” which is very informational. I also like meeting and talking to the minor-league affiliates in their room. I feel like I’m trying to talk myself into it again, so I better stop.

Position Breakdowns – I will do the position breakdowns once again. They should be quite different than last year.

Prospect Profiles – Last year, I titled the winter series “Making the Jump.” This year the series will have quite a different title, I just haven’t decided what it is yet. I was leaning toward something like “The Next Step” or “The Next Step Up.”

When it comes to the major league club, we will focus in on the upcoming playoffs. After the Cubs win the World Series, we will examine the Rule V Draft, Trades, Whether or not to re-sign Jason Hammel, Travis Wood, and Dexter Fowler. Cubs Central will also have guest posts again over the winter.

Now, let’s watch those affiliates get some more championship!


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