Baseball Cards of the Year – Many Shades of Blue and Light

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One of my favorite things about covering the Cubs minor league season is the voluminous amount of pictures of Cubs prospects. I “borrow” them and turn them into the cards of my youth. This year, there were a lot of great pictures of the prospects in a variety of action shots. It was hard to narrow the cards down into a top ten list from 311 cards. 

This year’s top 10 cards include 1 from Eugene, 3 from Tennessee, and 6 from South Bend. Eloy Jimenez is the only prospect to appear multiple times at three.

10, 9, 8…

.eloy 85 2016 sbmarkey 71 2016 tenn rose 86 2016 SB

The color blue can magical at times. At number 10, Eloy Jimenez’s jersey, helmet, and gloves make a nice collage of the color. At number 9, the same is true for Brad Markey’s ensemble. Matt Rose’s grab in the wind has to be one of the best action shots of the year.

7, 6, 5…

eloy 86 2016 sb eloy 85 futures Dewees 82 2016 sb

Coming in at number 7 and 6, two very different pictures of Eloy capture everything about him that I like. At number 7, Rikk Carlson’s photo of Eloy in his holiday-themed jersey has all the elements of the great physical presence that Eloy has. The second picture, at number 6, finds Eloy crossing the plate in the Futures Game and giving thanks. At number 5, Rikk’s picture of Donnie Dewees encapsulates the serious nature of the young man as he approaches the plate.

4, 3, 2….

hedges 71 2016 tenn happ 85 2016 tenn underwood 77 2016 sb

Smokies players always look good in 1970, 1971, and 1985 cards. Zach Hedges in a 1971 card perfectly encapsulates his intensity from this past season. I also like the many shades of blue for Ian Happ at number 3. For Duane Underwood, Rikk Carlson’s pic contains three levels of light and shadow that caught my attention and is one of Rikk’s best photographs from the last two years.

Number 1

cease 64 2016 eug

This year’s number one card is a promotional shot from Eugene’s Media Day by Ryan Kang. What I like most about this card, aside from Dylan Cease, is the mixture of blacks and whites within the picture and the card.

There will be some other cards from instructs and the Arizona Fall League coming, but those will be few and far between when compared to the large amounts from earlier in the year. I cannot wait to see pictures of the prospects in their new unis next year!


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