Cubs Simply Take Game One

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So, to sum up, what happened last night is pretty simple.



Thrown out at second.

Picked off first (Javy tag!).

Leadoff hitters.

Zobrist miscue.

KB double.

14 in a row.



baez 2015On to Game Two.

I think that pretty much covers the highlights. It was an outstanding pitcher’s duel between Lester and Cueto that came down to one pitch left over the plate. Javy Baez creamed it and, despite the wind, the ball made its way into the basket for the only run of the game.

The Cubs and Giants played great defense, hits were scarce, and the team that made a mistake lost. That’s it. It was October baseball at its finest.

As for tonight, it could be another pitcher’s duel, or it could be a blowout. I expect Samardjiza will be kept on a short leash. I think the Cubs can  get to him. As long as the Cubs are patient and work deep counts, Samardjiza’s patience could wear thin and be his undoing. If Jeff gives up 2 runs, expect Manager Bruce Bochy to yank him. The Giants cannot afford to be down 2 games to 0 in this series.

The pressure now changes.


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    […] said yesterday morning that the Cubs could get to Samardzija early. And they did. Dexter Fowler began the game with a 9 […]


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