The Weekly – Dewees Is a Hit at Instructs and Baseball America Goes List Happy

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By Todd Johnson

The Weekly is a day late. There were other pressing matters this weekend in Chicago. I think you understand.

As for minor league action this week…

dewees-71-2016-fallOut in Mesa, it has become crystal clear who the star positional player is on the Cubs/Angels Co-Op team is and that is Donnie Dewees. If he’s not hitting triples, he’s hitting doubles and flying all over the field. Meanwhile, PJ Higgins seems to be going 1-3 every day with an occasional walk. Albert Mineo continues to impress with his bat. He’s been a pleasant surprise this year.

As for the pitching, Oscar de la Cruz and Kyle Miller look to be doing outstanding work in their brief 2 inning outings. On the other hand, Dylan Cease was shelled in his second outing and Carson Sands continues to struggle mightily.

As for the younger players, who are only playing intrasquad games. I think the news this week from Arizona Phil is pretty much the same as last week. Zack Short, Chris Pieters, Wladimir Galindo, Gustavo Polanco, Rafael Narea, Sam Tidaback, Jose Gutierrez, and Aramis Ademan all had multiple hits. Faustino Carrera also went scoreless over two innings. Hector Garcia, Chad Hockin, and Wyatt Short were the only other pitchers to throw a scoreless frame.

In game two on Saturday the 8th, pitcher Alfredo Colorado went three scoreless and Faustino Carrera went two shutout innings. As for the hitters, Luis Ayala, Aramis Ademan, Michael Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Carlos Diaz, Yeiler Peguero, Sam Tidaback, Miguel Amaya, and Fernando Kelli all had good games at the plate in the 5-4 eight-inning affair.

Meanwhile, the Arizona Fall League kicks off Tuesday with a mid-afternoon game.

Baseball America began publishing articles last week about the Top 20 Prospects in each minor league. I will have a fully fleshed out post later in the week once BA releases lists on the Southern and Pacific Coast Leagues. Here is who the Cubs have placed on their lists so far.

Arizona Rookie League: None

Northwest League: Dylan Cease, Manny Rondon, Wladimir Galindo, Chris Pieters

Midwest League: Eloy Jimenez

Carolina League: Trevor Clifton

These names are just a few of whom will be reshaping the Cubs Prospects lists that come out in January.

I originally thought that I was not going to make baseball cards from fall instructs, but John Arguello’s pics have been so good. I cannot stop myself. Here are a few so far.

arod-60-2016-fall carrera-85-2016-instructs hatch-77-2016-instructs marquez-82-2016-instructs wshort-64-2016-falltidaback-76-2016-fall

This week’s posts will continue to focus on MLB playoffs. While recaps are not technically “our thing,” we will focus on keeping them simple with a keen edge towards analysis, reflecting back on our predictions, and looking forward to the upcoming game. Hopefully, by Tuesday or Wednesday, we might have another series preview for you. That would be very exciting, too!

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