Game Two Thoughts – Kershaw Shuts Down the Cubs

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By Todd Johnson

Rule number 1 After a Cub’s Loss:

Don’t listen to sports talk radio the morning after the Cubs lose 1-0 against the top pitcher in the western hemisphere in Clayton Kershaw.

Luckily for me, there is an off button on my truck’s radio.


As I drove through quiet rolling hills of north central Illinois on my way to teach this morning, I bathed in the silence knowing that there are still five games left and that the series is tied. I’m not freaking out. I feel OK. Sure, I would like for the Cubs to be up 2 games to 0, but it was Clayton Kershaw and the Cubs lost by 1 run. 1.

jake 71 2015I’m looking forward to Jake Arrieta pitching tomorrow. I’m also looking forward to the Cubs facing someone other than Clayton Kershaw tomorrow. While they managed only two hits last night, you have to give Kershaw his due. He pitched an outstanding game, and so did Kyle Hendricks, who only gave up one run.

To me, Javy Baez was spectacular again. His play in the eighth to deke out two runners was amazing. His at-bat versus Kershaw came very close to winning the game. As Harry Carry would have said, “Another biscuit for breakfast…”

Not every Dodger pitcher is like Kershaw. In fact, the Dodger’s struggled to even have five pitchers. Rich Hill will take the mound Tuesday, Urias on Wednesday, and Maeda again on Thursday. The Cubs will counter with Arrieta, Lackey, and Lester.

Right now, there’s no need to panic, no need to fret, no need to worry. The fact that that the Cubs lost is disappointing, yes, but this series is not over…far from it. It’s just one game out of seven. The Cubs will be back.


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