NLCS Recap: Is the Pressure Exceeding the Pleasure?

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Four hits is just not going to do it.

After last night’s 6 to 0 loss to the Dodgers,the Cubs are down 2 games to 1. I’m not panicked, I’m not extremely concerned, but I am a little concerned. There are technically still four games to play and the Cubs have to win three of those four. It’s a tall tale, but if they win tonight with Lackey on the mound, the series will be going back to Chicago where the Cubs have an amazing home record.. If they can do that, then they regain have home-field advantage.

Like last year’s NLCS, except for one inning this series, the Cubs problem has been a lack of hitting. Even though the Cubs are not gonna win many games giving up six runs, four hits is not going to get them a lot of wins, either.

I don’t want to ramble on endlessly about batting averages, lineups, hitting situations, and the Cubs troubles. But if the Cubs are going to get back in the series, they’re going to have to hit. And they’re going to have to hit average pitching. We all know the narrative that the Cubs can’t hit good pitching. Well, last night, they couldn’t hit average pitching. 

I don’t know if they’re feeling the pressure, but it sure looks like it. They’re struggling to do the small things at the plate because they’re caught up in the big things. In the post game last night, Maddon said that the Cubs problems are more mental than physical. I disagree. I don’t know if you can separate the two at this point because the mental is causing the physical problems. They’re not physically doing what they need to do at the plate.

There have been several times this year where we have seen them put up at five, six, or seven spot in one inning. That’s what it’s gonna take. My hope is that the Cubs beat Urias tonight, and maybe the Dodgers throw Maeda Thursday. Then, the Cubs can go back to Chicago up 3 to 2. But first things first, tonight is a must win as there has been all year. They can’t let the Dodgers get to three wins and have Kershaw in reserve for one of them. They have to 


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