The Weekly – Eloy Puts Up Zeroes, Farris Shines, IFA List Released, and a Draft Report from BA

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By Todd Johnson

The Eloy AFL Watch
farris 71 2016 mbAfter Eloy got off to a great start in his first three games in the Arizona Fall League, there was not much to watch this week at all. In fact, Eloy went zero for 11 on the week. Fellow prospects Victor Caratini and Ian Happ did not fare much better at the plate. Pitcher Duane Underwood’s second outing was better than his first, yet there is still much room for improvement. He went 3.1 IP while allowing 2 runs.

Seems that the only Cubs prospects having success in the AFL are Stephen Perakslis, who’s only pitched in one game, and James Farris, who has yet to allow a run in three appearances. The other Cubs prospect in the AFL, reliever Ryan McNeil, has struggled with an ERA over 10. There are still six more weeks in the AFL with a little over 30 games left. We will keep you posted on their progress.

In other news…

Baseball America released articles on every team’s draft class from 2016. They didn’t necessarily give each team a grade, but they did break down each draft class into categories such as the best pure hitter, fastest runner, closest to the majors, and several other categories. Here is the link to the whole article (subscription required),

To sum it up for the Cubs, Baseball America is high on the bat of Michael Cruz, the young catcher from Bethune-Cookman. Not only do they like his potential to hit for average, they also like his potential to hit for power. When it came to pitching, Baseball America liked several of the arms the Cubs selected in this year’s draft. They loved Thomas Hatch, the potential of Michael Rucker, the curveball of Duncan Robinson, and the fastball of Bailey Clark.

In addition, writer John Manuel echoed my sentiments about the potential of 19-year-old Delvin Zinn. Although Zinn was a little late to the game last year, I think his potential will start to blossom in 2017 at Eugene. I still don’t know if the Cubs know where he will play. He played SS before he was drafted and saw some action in rookie league and fall instructs at 2B.


1219651The Cubs also released their international free-agent signing list from this summer. The Cub signed a mixture of 17 players from six different countries. I don’t know anything about most of them. It’s a mixture of 16-20-year-old position players and pitchers. The one name we do know is Manuel Rodriguez from Mexico. He’s pitched in the Mexican League for Leonis de Yucatan the last three years. Although in 2016, he missed most of the season due to an injury and only pitched and 16 games. However it 2015, the then 19-year-old reliever posted an ERA of 1.84 in 50 games where he struck out 46 in 49 IP.

The list comes courtesy of The Cub Reporter.

Oswaldo Pina, SS (VENEZUELA) – R/R – 5’10 170 – Age 18
Ricardo Verenzuela, OF (VENEZUELA) – L/R – 6’0 175 – Age 16
Carmelo Alfonzo, OF (VENEZUELA) – L/R – 6’0 177 – Age19
Keiber Arredondo, RHP (VENEZUELA) – R/R – 6’0 178 – Age 19
Jonathan Bruzual, LHP (VENEZUELA) – L/L – 6’1 172 – Age 16
Kleiber Carreno, RHP (VENEZUELA) – R/R – 6’2 165 – Age 18
Yovanny Cruz, RHP (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – R/R – 6’1 190 – Age 17
Denmy Sanchez, RHP (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – R/R – 6’0 190 – Age 18
Jose Gomez, RHP (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – R/R – 6’2 165 – Age 19
Vicente, King, SS (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – R/R – 5’7 160 – Age 16
Jeinser Brete, 3B (DOMINICAN REPUBLIC) – R/R – 6’0 190 – Age 16
Danis Correa, RHP (COLOMBIA) – R/R – 5’11 155 – Age 17
Manuel Rodriguez, RHP (MEXICO) – R/R – 5’11 205 – Age 20 – spent three seasons with Yucatan (Mexican League) – $100K bonus
Ferrol Heredia, LHP (MEXICO) – L/L – 5’11 200 – Age 17 – $50,000 bonus
Carlos Pacheco, OF (MEXICO) – R/R – 5’11 195 – Age 17
Chi-Feng Lee, RHP (TAIWAN) – R/R – 5’11 155 – Age18 – $30,000 bonus
Didier Vargas, LHP (PANAMA) – L/L – 6’0 175 – Age 17

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