Remember the Last Time the Cubs Were Down 2 Games to 1?

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By Todd Johnson


It was an ugly, offensive-less game.

I just kept waiting for a big hit, a timely hit, something to stir me from slumber.

It never came.

Photo by ABC 7
Photo by ABC 7

Despite a gutsy performance from Kyle Hendricks, the Cubs failed to score. Last time I checked, the Cubs are 0-Infinity when they don’t score 1 run. They had plenty of opportunities to do so last night but could not get it done.

Tonight, Indians’ ace Corey Kluber gets the ball on three days rest against John Lackey. To me, Lackey is not the issue tonight. It’s getting to Kluber. He looked masterful in game one and the Cubs will have their work cut out for them, or tomorrow at this time, the news will be grim.

I think the Cubs can get to him. They have to patient, look to go the other way, and do not get caught looking. The advantage could swing to the Cubs who basically took 3 times through the order in gameĀ one before they got some good looks against him. The same should hold true for Andrew Miller. Miller will be ready at the call again tonight as will Shaw and Allen.

In our preview last week, their bullpen was listed as one of their strengths along with Corey Kluber and Francisco Lindor. Manager Terry Francona is riding his strengths towards the title. The Cubs are not. I think that’s the difference in the series so far.


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