One Down, Two to Go

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By Todd Johnson


Cubs Manager Joe Maddon finally rode his big horses to the finish line last night. A 3 run inning began with a Kris Bryant home run and ended with a dribbler to score a run. Aroldis Chapman pitched over 2+ IP to seal the victory and the Cubs are headed to Cleveland for Game 6 and hopefully Game 7.

Up until last night, Maddon had been out managed by Francona for most of the series. Maddon’s moves were a little peculiar but they turned out alright. I wasn’t sure about going to Edwards in the 7th or removing Lester and Ross or even not hitting Schwarber. My view doesn’t really matter. It worked out with a win and that is all that matters.

I like the Cubs chances tomorrow to get to Game 7.

Here’s why

618475622-15561. Arrieta – I think that with regular rest he will dominate the Cleveland lineup again. This is his time, his moment, and he will be the man all of Chicago thinks he is.

2. Tomlin – I think Tomlin might be a little gassed and probably will only make it through 4 or 5 innings. If the Cubs have a lead by then, it negates Francona from using Miller. That’s a “Win-Win” situation for the Cubs.

3. Schwarber and Soler – I think they both get in the game and they both do some damage against Tomlin. Tomlin, who struggles vs. righties, will have his work cut out for him.

4. The Cubs look a little relaxed after Game 5 and they might play a little looser in Game 6.

5. Gibbs – I love NCIS and I love the main character of Jethro Gibbs. That character often goes against the grain and makes decisions based on his own internal intuition, or gut. I just have a gut feeling the Cubs will get it done in Game 6.


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