Dreaming of November – One to Go!

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Last night was extremely exciting! The Cubs got to Indians’ pitcher Josh Tomlin early and took the vaunted Cleveland Indians’ bullpen out of the game. Miller, Shaw, and Allen were nowhere to be seen. The only tension I felt throughout the game was in Madden’s use of Aroldis Chapman. I understand bringing him in when he did, but I didn’t agree with is use into the 9th inning after Rizzo’s two run bomb. Bottom line, though, is that the Cubs got another victory and are now one victory away from a World Series Championship.

I think tonight’s game plan should be the same as last night. They need to get to Kluber early to take the bullpen out of the game. I think the key innings are going to be one through four. I think that’s where the Cubs are going to have to make their move as Kluber begins to tire. I imagine Kluber will come out pumped up and do well the first couple innings but that second time through the order, he can start tire somewhere around the 50 to 60 pitch mark. That’s where the Cubs are going to have to get to him a big, crooked number.

66 HendricksAs for the Cubs, I think Hendricks can get the job done for five innings. After that, it’s all hands on deck in the bullpen. You have Lester, who is probably good for 30 or 40 pitches, and then you can ride the work horses when he’s done. Montgomery and Chapman have really had success against Cleveland while Strop and Rondon have struggled. Whether it’s one inning or one hitter, everyone will need to be ready.

Right now, I am extremely superstitious about following the same routine, from food to attire, as I did yesterday. Prayers have already begun and it’s going to be one heck of a night!

This is what all Cub fans have been waiting for their entire lives. I know it has been for mine, and it was for my father, who passed away this summer. Today is his 79th birthday and the Cubs have a chance to win the World Series. I find that strange and wonderful at the same time.

I hope my heart and blood pressure can hold out.

This is it, Cub fans. Go Cubs, Go! #FlyTheW


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