Next Up Series Debuts with a Look at Wladimir Galindo

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I don’t think it is any secret of my admiration for Wladimir Galindo. And at only 19, I think he’s on the verge of breaking out as a Cubs prospect in 2017. It was very exciting to watch him play most nights for Eugene last summer. I never knew what was going to happen at the plate. It could’ve been a homerun, a double, or an ugly strikeout. This summer, he will turn 20 in his fourth year with the Cubs.

galindo 86 2016 eug

Current Info
210 lbs.
Bats right, throws right
Third base

He hit nine home runs and 66 games for Eugene.
He can hit the ball all over the field with power.
He made great strides and improved defensively in 2016 with both his feet placement and arm.

galindo-78-2016-eugAreas of Concern
–. Despite being his third year in the system, Galindo spent the better part of the first two years being injured. Just as Eloy Jimenez lacked game experience coming in 2016, so too does Galindo. The more he plays, the better Wladimir will get.
Plate approach – I think this category ties in well with experience. There were times where he looked overmatched against a curveball, and there were times he looked like a man among boys when he squared up a fastball. For about a two-week span in early August, Galindo did everything he was supposed to at the plate before slumping a little bit at the end of the season.

Next Up in 2017
He will be in South Bend and you can go ahead and plug him in at third base for 125 to 130 games.

What I Would Like to See
If he has a great year, I think a .280 average with a .330 OBP combined with 25 to 30 home runs would be an amazing sight. However, that’s a bit hyperbolic and hard for any prospect to live up to that considering the Midwest League is pretty chilly through mid-May.

A more realistic season from him would be .260 to .265 average with an OBP over .300 to go with 20 home runs and 75 to 80 RBIs. If he can do this scenario, I think he becomes a top 10 Cubs Prospect by the end of the year.

Think of it this way: 20 home runs is more than Eloy hit last year. I think that highly of Galindo’s power already and I don’t think it’s a stretch for him to go from hitting 9 in 66 to 20 in 140.

No matter what I predict for power, I think the big area to watch with him will be his batting average and on-base percentage. I think what South Bend manager Jimmy Gonzalez is known for is teaching plate discipline and pitch recognition skills, something that Galindo really needs to improve upon at just 19 years old. And at that age, it is critical for him to develop those skills. If he can, his power will increase exponentially. That would be great.


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