Cubs Get Davis and Only Lose Soler

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The Cubs went out and got themselves another closer. In trading outfielder Jorge Soler, the Cubs acquired veteran reliever/closer Wade Davis from the Kansas City Royals. In a rare one for one swap with Major League talent, the Cubs are taking a risk on Davis who was often injured last year with a  forearm strain. Then again, the Royals are taking a risk on Soler who has a track record of minor nagging hamstring injuries throughout his career.

davis-trade-16Baseball has the worst kept secrets out of all the sports. Word began to leak last night around 8 o’clock about the trade. I thought for a while that the hold up was that there was going to be more added in the deal. I thought that maybe Danny Duffy or even Lorenzo Cain was going to be thrown in with some Cubs prospects. That feeling didn’t last too long.

I do like the fact that the Cubs went out and added to their bullpen. I was expecting a left-hander, but getting a closer of Davis’ capability is more than satisfactory. I hate that we had to give up Jorge, but there really was just not a big role for him. With Hayward, Almora, Jay, Zobrist, and Schwarber, there was just not a place for him in the outfield. I feel good that he’s going to a place where he’s going to get at bats on a regular basis and hopefully he can help Kansas City get back in the playoffs.

As for Davis, his role is to help win another World Series. The fact that the Cubs actually traded for him after looking at his medicals gives me a lot of confidence that their doctors are satisfied with what they’ve seen. When healthy, Davis is one of the best closers in the game. He may not throw 103 miles an hour like Chapman, but he does get people out and he did win a world championship in 2015.

The Cubs are not done shopping yet. I hope that today I get another notification on my phone that the Cubs have gone out and got a left-handed reliever or two. Word is that the Cubs are in on former Royals’ lefty Greg Holland.

I think the Cubs are going to add one more piece beyond that for the bullpen. I think two lefties are in order.

Tomorrow, the Rule V Draft takes place. I don’t think the Cubs will select anyone. If they wanted to they could as I think they could hide an arm for 90 days with the depth that they have. That would have to be one special arm. On the other hand, I think three or four Cubs’ prospects could be taken.


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