Draft Profile: Kyle Serrano Is a High Risk, High Reward Prospect

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By Todd Johnson

Kyle Serrano is a bit of a mystery draft prospect right. He has definite first-round talent. The problem is he hasn’t pitched in over a year. In 2013, he was the 43rd ranked draft prospect coming out of high school. Instead, he went to Tennessee to play for his father, coach Dave Serrano.

As a freshman, he made nine starts and appeared in 19 games. In 2015, as a sophomore, he pitched in 22 games with 47 Ks in 54.1 IP. He made one start in 2016 before having TJS. Even if he does not pitch this year for the Volunteers, he could still return for one more year at Tennessee.

He throws a fastball in the low 90 to mid-low 90s. H combines that with a sinker/slider and a curve. He does have a changeup, but that pitch is not a plus pitch for him.

As a result of his injuries, he will slide down to either the third or fourth round. I think it would take something substantial for him to forgo that one season of eligibility left. Then again, if he goes back to school, he won’t have any negotiating leverage next year unless he has a great out season.

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This Week’s Profile
6’3” and 215 lbs
Bats: Right
Throws: Right

Low to Mid 90s fastball
4 pitches he can throw for strikes

Areas of Concern
Made 1 start in 2016
Hasn’t played in 2017 yet

What Others Say
MLB.com said the following of Serrano in 2013 when he was one of the top 50 draft prospects:

Serrano has the chance to have three Major League average or better offerings from a strong and athletic pitcher’s frame. His fastball will sit in the 91-92 mph range, with good movement, and he can reach back for a little extra. His sharp slider has the chance to be a strikeout pitch in the future, and he keeps his changeup down in the zone with good arm speed and deception.

Serrano has good mound presence and has a good idea of what he’s doing on the mound.

Earlier this season, Teddy Cahill of Baseball America intimated Serrano was close to being ready.

I find him intriguing just on potential. However, the risk would be immense considering his injury history the past year. He could come in and be a reliever this year to build up his arm strength, but I highly doubt he comes in as a starter for either Tennessee or a major league team in 2017.

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