The Friday Six Pack – Six Breakouts

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By Todd Johnson

Lots of things have been happening this week. I spent most of the week in heart of Cardinal Country in Springfield, Illinois participating in Illinois History Day with my students. The big boys won three in a row against the Phillies. Rain destroyed schedules all over the minors. It seemed like there were only 1-2 games a day from which to pick the players of the day.

Today’s six picks is an amalgamation of six players who are on pace to be breakout candidates so far. Some I have profiled on this, Cubs Insider, or BP Wrigleyville.

1. Jason Vosler – He is second in homers in the organization to Ian Happ. He is only 1 behind and closing fast. Now at AA, Vosler is showing a knack for driven the ball in the gaps. I really like that he just plain barrels up the ball. Rather than trying to kill the ball, he just puts a good, quick swing on and the ball just leaves the yard. He also is hitting .291 with an OBP of .400 at AA. He is making himself a force to be dealt with by the Cubs organization.

2. Zack Short – I have profiled him on two sites and I love watching him work an a bat. He can coax a walk just as well as he can hit a home run or lay down a bunt.

3. Marc Huberman – The lefty reliever was moved up to Myrtle Beach today because he’s been outstanding out of the pen for South Bend. He struck 18 in 12.1 IP and only had one outing where he allowed any runs.

4. Kevonte Mitchell – I am putting together a piece on Kevonte’s season for BP Wrigleyville this Sunday. He has been amazing the past ten games hitting .375 with 2 HRs and 8 RBIs. One of those home runs traveled an estimated 501 feet.

5. Dillon Maples – By jove, I think he’s got it. He throwing his curve with deadly precision now and pitching with a confidence unseen. It seems as if he has been around forever, but he is still only 24.

6. Craig Brooks is also putting  together an amazing season at Myrtle Beach. His ERA is down to 0.55. I think he has adjusted to high A ball well. His first attempt last summer did not go well. This year, the flamethrower has 23 Ks in 16.1 IP.

I will be back on Sunday, unless I can sneak in a little prospect profile on Saturday morning or afternoon. I think I will do that. How does Craig Brooks sound?


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