14 Days to the Draft – Who Do the Mock Drafts Have the Cubs Selecting?

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By Todd Johnson

There are only 14 days to go until the 2017 MLB draft. The Cubs have two first round picks at number 27 and number 30. In the past couple of weeks, there have been more mock drafts than I care to count. Player movement up-and-down has been pretty crazy and will continue to be over the next 10 days. Some players are listed in the 30s on one list and in the teens on another. There are risers and fallers as many northern prospects get checked and rechecked.

As a result, I decided to compile 10 of those mock drafts to see if there were any common threads as to who they think the Cubs would select.

Sporting News: Alex Lange and Nick Allen

Call to the Pen: Nate Pearson and Nick Allen

John Sickels: Will Crowe and Nate Pearson

My MLB Draft.com: Shane Baz and Keston Huira

MLB Daily Dish: Alex Lange and Hans Crouse

Keith Law: Nick Allen

Scout.com: Clarke Schmidt and Brady McConnell

MLB Pipeline: Nick Allen and Nate Pearson

Baseball America: Blayne Enlow and Quentin Holmes

USA Today/Fox Sports: Nick Allen and Mark Vientos

The most common name is Nick Allen. The diminutive shortstop is considered to be a baseball rat and a powerhouse of a player. He’s the type of guy you want on your team. However, scouts tend to mark him down because he is only 5’7″ or 5’8″.

Pearson is a big bodied junior college pitcher who throws triple digits. He is physically not going to change much, but if you can throw 100, you can throw 100.

I am not quite ready  to make my own predictions as to who the Cubs will take. There are many players listed above who I think would be excellent Cubs. College pitchers Will Crowe, Clarke Schmidt, or Alex Lange would be an outstanding addition.

Nick Allen Could Possibly Make It To 27

In fact, I tend to see the Cubs selecting a prep bat and a college pitcher. Ideally, the Cubs would like to college bat but there are not that many available at that point in the draft. One could be had later. Chad Spanberger of Arkansas is one such bat. His issue is that he only has put up one-half a year of solid production. He could be had in the second through fourth round. Then again, with what he’s doing with his bat now, he might be one of those risers that sneaks up into the first round.

To be honest, I think that the Cubs will really get the most bang for their buck after the first round. They have over $7 million this year for their pool and they may come away with some gems on day two, especially in rounds three through ten.

I will be covering the draft live on Monday night (June 12) for rounds one and two. Since the Cubs don’t pick until late in each round, my live blog post will probably begin about 8 P.M. central.

On Tuesday the 13th, I will be on here all day updating and profiling each of the Cubs’ selections as well as making draft cards from the 1960s. On Wednesday, I will be doing the same.

It will be exciting!


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