Friday Six Pack – Six Things About Next Week’s MLB Draft

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By Todd Johnson

There are only three days left until the MLB draft. Another mock draft came out this week via Fangraphs. Baseball America also came out with their top 500 and MLB Pipeline came out with their top 200. There will be even more of mock drafts between today and the 12th. Today’s six pack will take a look at six things to think about the draft on Monday.

1. Fangraphs has the Cubs taking prep catcher MJ Melendez. I think that is a bit of a stretch, although Melendez is a very good player. On the BA Top 500, he’s at #53 and the Top 200 he sits at 72, which is more likely. Getting him at the end of the second round could be a possibility for a catcher with his defensive smarts and hitting ability. Just this one selection shows the variance between evaluations. It is pretty stark.

2. The key to understanding this draft is that it doesn’t have a lot of game changers. Once you get to pick 15, that same player could slide all the way down into the 60s, maybe even 70s. There’s not a lot of differentiation in talent. However, developing that talent may be a different story.

3. Getting a player to sign on the dotted line takes precedence over talent. As a result, there’s gonna be a lot of movement throughout draft night. A player a ranked in the 50s could be taken in the 20s because of the amount of money he could sign for. As a result, teams could use that money later on to persuade a college bound player to sign. The Cubs have over $7 million to use to acquire talent this year.

SS Nick Allen Could Possibly Make It To 27
4. This is supposed to be a draft about talent. Even though the Cubs may need starting pitching at the major-league level in the next year, there’s no one in this draft who could ascend that fast from the back of the first round to be a top of the rotation starter. This specific draft has pitchers who are going to need some time to develop.

5. This draft is loaded with prep outfielders and prep shortstops. When Theo first took over, it appeared as though the Cubs acquired all the shortstops. This draft could be like that.

6. The Cubs usually keep who they actually like a pretty good secret. This year, news about their interest in Nick Allen leaked early. I am sure they are not looking at one prospect, but several. I am going to be surprised just as you will be when picks 27 and 30 come around. To be honest, I think this is gonna be the most unpredictable draft in years.


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