MLB Draft Is On: Live Blogging

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6:10 PM
I just finished my walk and I am all ready to go. Get ready for a roller coaster ride as this draft will have a lot of player movement up and down.

6:12 PM
Royce Lewis goes number 1. I thought he had the highest upside. One of my friends is a Braves fan and I thought he would go there.

6:17 PM
The Reds take Hunter Greene. It’ll be a few years. Sounds like they took him as a pitcher. Scratch that. The Reds listed him as both.

The top five players all went in the top five…just not in the order anyone expected. This will probably be standard operation procedure for the rest of the first round.

6:47 PM
Here come the comps…not a fan of comparing young kids to current MLB players. I would rather they just let people’s perceptions of the pick be of the pick.

7:07 PM
Only at number ten. This could take a while.
Jordan Adell is going to be a good one. He becomes their number one prospect. JB Bukauskas is available for the White Sox. I think JB should have been a top 5 pick.

7:16 PM
Jake Burger is an excellent pick by the White Sox. However, they left an ace on the board in Bukauskas.

I am not surprised at the number of players falling, I am surprised at who. If the trend of college pitchers falling continues, this could change who the Cubs take.

The Astros just got richer getting Bukauskas. He probably will not be in the minors long.

The Yankees select Clarke Schmidt from South Carolina who just had TJS. Go figure. I thought he could or might be there for the Cubs.

The Cubs are ten picks away now.

Faedo finally comes off the board to Detroit. It is looking more and more like a top college pitcher could be available for the Cubs at either pick. I am not hearing anything about the Cubs picks. It’s a bunch of crickets tonight. Free falls will do that.

Not only are the Mets beating the Cubs, they just picked my favorite college pitcher in David Peterson from Oregon. Then again, Nate Pearson is still available.

7 picks away.

8:34 PM
4 picks away and I think the Cubs go pitcher based on who is available. I don’t think they would stretch on one of their two picks with an under slot pick. However, this draft has been anything but predictable. The Red Sox taking Tanner Houck cinches my pitching thought. I am thinking Pearson with 3 picks.

8:38 PM
Whew! Seth Romero going to Washington is a relief. That still leaves Pearson out there.

8:48 PM
Ok. Nate Pearson is waiting there. Let’s see if the Cubs pick him at #27.

8:52 PM
Brendon Little is a pick I can get behind. Here is what I wrote on him earlier this year.

Image may contain: 1 person, text

9:05 PM

I really like the Lange pick. I think the Cubs coaching staff will love him. A few tweaks and he could be a #3 type starter. I wrote about him HERE and HERE.

Image may contain: one or more people and text

I am going to take a break here for a few minutes. Then I will be back with new posts about Little and Lange.


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