Who Should the Cubs Take Tonight?

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By Todd Johnson

By the end of the night, the Cubs will add three new top prospects to the organization. Tonight’s selections should come from a tier of prospects that stretch about 50 players long. They should be able to get prospects at 27 and 30 that are just as good as a prospect number 10. Check back tonight starting about 7 central as I will be blogging live. Just keep hitting the refresh button to update.

Can you narrow it down to two or three names?
No. I just cannot.

I think there’s gonna be a lot of players moving up-and-down draft boards this year as signability becomes the biggest factor in selecting a player. Usually, talent and projectability are weighed when selecting a prospect. Given the lack of differentiation between those two this year, money seems to becoming a number one issue. Don’t be surprised to see a guy rocket into the first round from the 40s because of his desire to sign for a certain amount of money.

What are the Cubs looking for?
Jason McLeod is going to tell you they’re going to pick the best player available. I truly believe that most times. Over the last five years they’ve taken a bat with their first round picks. This year, there is no one available who fits the kind of bat that they would want. As a result, I think the door is open for them to take a pitcher or a hitter. Last year they took 26 pitchers out of 38 picks. This year McLeod says they are going to concentrate on pitching again. I don’t think they’re gonna leave any stone unturned at any level to find projectable pitching.   

How about five or six names for tonight?
Will 10 do?


Nick Allen Could Possibly Make It To 27

Nick Allen – He’s a baseball rat who is the best defensive shortstop in the draft. And he can hit even though he’s only 5’8″.

Heliot Ramos – He has the most upside of any prep outfielder, but he has some issues as to what his floor really is. He shines in games but struggles in practice.

Mark Vientos – I love this kid and his big, bad swing. The question is where he is going to play. At 6’4″, he’s probably a little too big for short, he may be destined for the outfield.

Garrett Mitchell – I really like him a lot. He does a lot of things well including play CF. The potential for power is there, but I really like that he can play defense, hit, and run. I think he’s perfect for round 2.

Hagen Danner – He could pitch or play catcher. Wherever he has played, he wins.

Brendon Little – He seems more destined to be a left-handed pitcher at it and than a starter. If he is taking in the first round, it will be to start.   

Nate Pearson – I think there are still a lot of unknowns about him. But 100 mph is a 100 mph. Word is he is still moving up the rankings.

Sam Carlson – He is from Minnesota and is rising through the draft ranks quickly I have seen him in the teens, 20s, and 30s. He has a big frame with room to grow.  

Mike Mercado – Like Carlson, he is rising fast. He is 6’6″, a size the Cubs like.    

Alex Scherff – I like him in the second round a lot. I don’t think he’s going to be around which means the Cubs could take him above slot to sign him for less than they would a normal first round pick.  

Knowing my luck, the Cubs will select someone else.

My prediction is Allen and Little with either Vientos and Ramos as back ups. As early as this morning, Johnathan Mayo of MLB.com suggested Drew Rasmussen of Oregon State might be in play for the Cubs. You never know with this year’s draft. It’s going to be a wild first night.


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