Cubs Acquire Quintana in a Surprise Deal for Eloy, Cease, and More

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Wow! Just wow!

I still can’t believe that the Cubs got pitcher Jose Quintana this morning from the crosstown White Sox. The surprise deal stunned me as I was driving home from an appointment. The Cubs get a young, left-handed, cost-controlled starting pitcher through 2020. The deal strengthens the Cubs rotation this summer and, if need be, the postseason. Quintana is owed just $3M this year, $8.8M next year, and has two team options of $10.5M per year ($1M buyouts on each). This saves money now and frees up money in the future.

At first I was a little sad in hearing that the Cubs sent Eloy Jimenez to the White Sox along with Dylan Cease, Matt Rose, and Bryant Flete. The trade sent the two top prospects in the Cubs system and gives the White Sox a veritable army of top young talent. However, you don’t run a franchise to get your name at the top of a list, you run it to win. Theo has always said that prospects should replenish and sustain the major league club while at the same time acting as currency.

Today, they may have helped buy another arm to make a run at a second championship.

Get ready for a flurry of promotions later today in the minor leagues as Myrtle Beach now has three spots open on the roster.

I will be back later today and tomorrow with some more analysis of how this trade will impact the minor leagues.


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