Player Update: Brendon Little’s Debut Had a Bit of Everything Going On

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By Todd Johnson

How much can you say about a three inning start? And it’s not like the game was on MiLB.TV, either. Thankfully, radio saved the day to report the debut of the Cubs’ first round pick Brendon Little.

For starters, Brendon Little used only 35 pitches in his debut. However, he did struggle with his control in the first two innings. His fastball sat between 91-95 with 92 and 93 the mean speeds. He did throw a curve but had trouble controlling it in the first two innings. He gave up three runs on the short night, but he also got the debut out of the way after not pitching in a game for over two months.

The first inning was not a debut to remember. After giving up an infield single and a pop up, he picked off the runner. Then, Little’s control left him with two outs. He walked the next batter, hit a guy, threw a wild pitch and forgot to cover home. An RBI single followed and the inning ended on a 6-3 ground out.

You would think that with all that action, that his pitch count was extremely high. Despite all the drama, he only threw 17 pitches. I like it when pitchers are efficient but Little was having trouble getting his curve over.

In the second, Little gave up a leadoff homer. The next pitch was a screaming liner caught by third baseman Austin Filiere. That would be the last hard hit ball of the night. He got two more grounders and used only 11 pitches total in the inning.

The third inning would be his final inning. He used only 7 pitches and got his first strikeout and it was on the curve he had trouble locating earlier in the night.

Little’s next start should happen late next week. Unfortunately, the Emeralds will be on the road (no TV) after the the Northwest League has its all-star break next Monday through Wednesday. 

If you want to take away anything from his start, take these:
1. He throws in the mid-90s.
2. He works efficiently.
3. It’s going to take some time to get back in the swing of things.
4. He’s only going to go 3 innings a start after throwing 80+ in college this spring.
5. Don’t expect him to be brilliant every night.
6. Expect him to learn every night.


One thought on “Player Update: Brendon Little’s Debut Had a Bit of Everything Going On

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