The Morning After: Wilson Looks Good and a New Top 21 List

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It is the morning after the Cubs big trade for reliever Justin Wilson and catcher Alex Avila. I don’t feel dirty. There is no walk of shame to be had. I actually feel pretty good about the trade despite giving up two valued prospects and a possible third one later.

Wilson gives the Cubs something they don’t have in the bullpen which is a power lefty arm. As for his season, Wilson has thrown thrown 40.1 innings and struckout 55. Right handers are only hitting .131 against him. His fastball sits in the upper nineties with a slider around 90 to go with a 2.68 ERA. Add in the fact, he is signed through next year and you have a deeper pen for this year and the next.

As for Avila, he’s not coming in to be the savior of the catching corps. His job will be to keep Willson Contreras well rested for the playoffs. Any offense he provides the rest of the year will be a bonus. It’s about his ability to handle the pitching staff. I don’t really care about his bat or lack thereof. His role, while important, will be limited even more in the postseason.

I think the impact on the farm system is minimal with this trade. I did redo my top 21 list last night and I could redo it again tonight if something else happens later this afternoon.

I don’t know if the Cubs are done dealing. I have a sneaking suspicion they are not.


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