NLDS Game 5: Shadows of Game 7

By Todd Johnson

“Nobody said it was easy.”

When I woke up this morning, the Coldplay song was running through my head. I was surprised when I woke up at 5:30 that I felt energized after getting just five hours of sleep. As I began to get ready for another day of teaching, that song just kept running through my head. And I kept wondering if that game was as crazy as I remembered it to be.

It was.

In fact, it was that and everything more.

If you wanted the Cubs back in the National League Championship series, they are there. I am sure at some point today, the adrenaline will shut down and I’ll begin to feel exhausted as a result of the glorious torture the Cubs put me through last night.

The whole time during the game I kept thinking this is so reminiscent of game seven of the World Series. In some ways it was just as torturous. Washington was a worthy adversary and you just have to tip your cap. As I laid in the tub this morning, I kept thinking, the Nationals through everything they could at Cubs including two games of Strasburg and 1.5 of Scherzer and yet the Cubs still survived. After all that, the Cubs now get to face Clayton Kershaw in game one of the NLCS.

As soon as the game ended, my thoughts turned to who could start on Saturday. I am pretty sure they will announce it today and it’s more than likely to be John Lackey. I’m hoping Quintana could start. I guess I’ll just have to wait to find out. Considering that Joe Maddon thrrew everything and the kitchen sink to get to the NLCS, it’s just a trade off Cub fans are going to have to deal with for one game.

I’m extremely excited that the Cubs are back for the third straight year in the NLCS. It’s not gonna be easy there either.
I will now need to rest up.


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