Cubs Central Has Big Plans for the Opening Week

By Todd Johnson

I’m on spring break this week. What better way to spend the week than to watch Opening Day from the comfort of my own chair in my living room. I also have a lot of things happening over the next 10 days here at Cubs Central. Tomorrow, I will roll out my Cubs 2018 season preview that looks at the strengths of the team and some concerns that I have; some of you may share with me.

However, most of the content that begins later in the week is minor league oriented. For seven straight days, I will be posting material I usually write at the beginning of each season. Starting on Friday, the 30th, a new Top 21 Prospect List will hit the Internet but it probably won’t break it. There are a few changes to the list based on what happened this spring. And, I also will examine how the list will change quite a bit this season.

On Saturday the 31st, I will show off my favorite cards I made this spring. I am cutting the deadline close as I continue to get pictures from spring training and find the occasional leftover picture from last year.

This Sunday, April 1, my preseason all-star team video will be released. I just have one slide left to go. Then, I break out the big guns with the affiliate previews. I will start with Iowa on Monday, hit Tennessee on Tuesday, go to Myrtle Beach on Wednesday, and conclude in South Bend on Thursday. Then, on April 6, I recap opening night in the minors. 

In addition, “The Weekly” returns on April 8 with the first “Players of the Week” in the Cubs’ system to go along with the team of the week. It seems strange because it’s only three days but I need to practice.

Over on the Facebook page, I will be doing the “Players of the Day.” Each day of the season I pick one hitter, one starting pitcher, and one reliever who I think perform the best that day. I am going to be bringing that to Twitter this year to highlight the players. I also keep a record of them. The tab to access the list is on the menu. Here is the sample/template pic for the Players of the Day.

I cannot wait to get started tomorrow with Opening Day in Miami! Go Cubs!


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