MiLB Roster News: Cubs Cut 10 for Now

By Todd Johnson

The beginning of every minor league season reminds us that there is no such thing as a sure thing. While it is exciting to see which players get assigned to which affiliate. There are also players who get released. The Cubs cut 10 guys yesterday. Some are well-known names, while others, not so much.

Moving on will be pitchers David Berg, Marc Huberman Mark Malave, Steve Perakslis, Carson Sands, and Tommy Thorpe. Considering there is a dearth of lefties in the system, I found it strange the Cubs let two go. In addition, position players  Cael Brockmeyer, Kevin Cornelius, Adonis Paula, and Robert Garcia were not retained for 2018.

The only real surprise was Carson Sands. He was very good in the spring of 2016 and then everything just seemed to fall apart that second half. He had surgery on his elbow to remove splints in the winter and he just never could put it back together. When I saw him pitch live against Beloit last summer, he did OK until somebody got on base and then he just fell apart. He went down to Eugene and things did not get any better there. Considering how deep the system is in pitching, I thought the Cubs could afford him the time to rebuild his arm and career.

I would not be surprised to see Cael Brockmeyer wind up somewhere with the Cubs as he is highly thought of in the system. I think he would make an excellent coach someday if he cannot latch on with another team.

The minor league season begins a week from tomorrow and the rosters are mostly set as most of the affiliates have the players roll into town a couple of days before the season begins. For example, South Bend actually has an exhibition game next Wednesday against Notre Dame. Those players need to be in town Monday or Tuesday.

Arizona Phil of The Cub Reporter has the current minor league rosters and I expect them to fluctuate just a little bit over the next week. For one, I don’t expect to see Kevonte Mitchell in South Bend and I don’t expect to see Brandon Hughes in Myrtle Beach. They should be flip-flopped. We shall see what happens over the next five days.


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